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Scary Monsters

October 26th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Humor. HAR... HAR!, Libtards

Happy Cat

October 24th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Furballs, pretty pictures

Had to get cat food and litter the other day and while I was at the pet store I decided to get Misto a new scratching post too.

I think she’s pretty happy with it.

No joy in Mudville

October 17th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in It's all about me

Well, I didn’t get the job.  Guess I’ll keep looking, keep working on my animations, and keep applying for whatever is out there.

Settling in

Well, we’ve been in Texas for about a week or so and we are getting settled in fairly well.  I am very pleased to see that there is a Sonic Drive-in just up the street from us and the local fast food places are all represented well within reasonable driving distances including a Schlotzsky’s Sandwich shop, which I haven’t seen since the one in Hilliard closed down about four years ago.

Another pleasant surprise has been that they all use Styrofoam cups.  Out in California they only allow plastic or paper cups  – saving the environment and all that – so during the summer, 15 minutes after you get your drink the ice is melted and your wonderful, caffeinated, sugar-loaded beverage becomes a watered down disappointment.   Now though, I can go through my fast food place of choice and know that my beverage will last as long as my meal does.

Freedom is good.

In other news, one of the cats got fleas.  Don’t know if it was one of ours or one of Ginny’s, but anyway I have been waging a war against them for the past few days.  All the animals have been given their Advantage treatment and everything has been vacuumed daily for the last two days.

Normally you could just spray some kind of bug stuff and be done with it, but since the wife is pregnant that isn’t an option.  Also, bug stuff and cats usually don’t go well together either so instead I did some reading and found out that if you put salt down on the carpet and leave it for two days it will kill off the fleas.  So, in two days I’ll let you know how well it worked.

Have a phone interview for a job on Friday.  I made it past the first part with the tests and everything so now it’s phone interview and then I expect after that it will be time for an in person interview.  Hope I get it, it will be nice to have some income moving, benefits and all that stuff.  It’s not a job in my field, but it will allow me to keep working on my stuff and chasing a job in my field, which I guess is the most important part.

Went to the store this morning for some basics; Bread, milk, OJ, that kind of stuff.  If I had picked it all up in California it would have been about $30 bucks or more.  Out here it cost me a grand total of $19.21.  Man I love living in a free state.  I could get used to this.

Can’t wait to see what my car insurance is going to look like.