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You say you want a revolution?

November 9th, 2010 Posted in America the beautiful, Libtards, People are Stupid

Bring it you bitch.

It figures that MSNBC would give this douchebag airtime and start the whole thing out with:

“From the wrongful wars to the corrupt economy, to the special interests in the six industries that control every politician in this country,the political system itself; 75% of all districts in the most competitive election ever weren’t even up for grabs last week and to clear our problems may require more drastic measures.”

So the wars we are fighting, which Congress voted on and approved, are wrongful because…. oh yeah, they just don’t like it. So, it doesn’t matter if all the laws were followed in the steps leading to these wars, if a lefty doesn’t like it, it’s wrong.

And the economy that is corrupt?  Well, who’s responsible for creating the institutions that (as our Teleprompter Jesus likes to say) drove us into the ditch???  Let’s see – Fannie Mae was created back in 1970 when Democrats had control of both the House (243 – 192) and the Senate (57 – 43).

Fannie Mae is the one that expanded their lending under Clinton so that they gave loans to people that couldn’t afford to pay the loan back and to top it all of, in 2005 when the Bush administration pushed to get some regulatory oversight of them was met with such push back from the Democrats and RINO’s (who again controlled Congress) that it never reached the Senate floor and eventually we watched as the housing market crashed and pulled everything down with it.

As for the “Six industries that control every politician” maybe he should open his eyes a little wider.  Seems to me the ones with the most union money in their pockets have always been the Democrats.  Union money went 90% Democrat. As for what the ‘six industries are’ I won’t play guessing games and intuit what one he is referring to, to me this comes off as a throw away line.  He spouts that and we are supposed to nod our heads and just agree without any kind of names or numbers.

The ‘author’ also likes to use big words like ‘duopoly’ (that means Republicans and Democrats together) and to them the only answer to this political turmoil that could come from within the system is that we need another FDR.  Yeah, we need another FDR like we need another WWII.  There is no problem that can’t be made worse by the government throwing money at it.  If they REALLY wanted money to come from the top 2% and make it to the working classes, government theft of that money isn’t the way to do it.  Instead might I suggest a little remembered solution to a financial crisis that Calvin Coolidge came up with?  He lowered taxes across the board, reduced government spending and gave our country a little time period we refer to as “The Roaring Twenties” which saw the largest growth of the middle class that we have ever seen.

The douchebag author also scoffs at reducing the size of government.  Why?  Well, that would put those poor government employees out of a job which would add to unemployment.  The stupidity is so thick here you would need a chainsaw to cut it. They keep talking and whining, but the part I love best is they go on about how the political system isn’t changing and that there isn’t any “third party” that is stepping in to change things.  I guess neither one of them watched any of the TEA party rallies or saw how many TEA party backed candidates were elected into office across the nation.

Nope, we are a whole crapload of doom and gloom here at MSNBC.  The country is lost and the only way to save it – as a last resort of course –  is to have a violent revolution because no meaningful change every happens without violence.

Yeah, I can’t wait for them to try that one.

Oh, and his so called “political cartoons” are not only unfunny, but the artwork is crap.

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