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Moving again

November 15th, 2010 Posted in America the beautiful, moving, The wife and I

Last week I flew off to Albuquerque for a job interview.  I’ve been looking out here in Austin and fired off a ton of resumes but nothing came up so I took the one that came through which means that – once again – I get to load a truck, get the cats into a carrier, and hit the road.  We’ll probably do it in two days and stop in Lubbock TX as the midpoint because if we tried to push all the way through my parents would skin me alive when we got there.

The job isn’t in my field, but it seems that no one is hiring in the game design field right now probably because everyone is waiting to see how badly the lame duck Congress is going to molest them before the end of the year.  I’ll be doing customer service on the phone and also trying to get a part time job as well to bring in some extra cash until I can get something going in my field which will hopefully happen sometime in the coming year.

Still have the thesis to finish up but that is just going to have to happen when it happens because with our first kid on the way providing food, shelter, clothing and medical insurance takes a much higher priority than getting the piece of paper.

Since most everything is still in storage it shouldn’t be too much trouble getting it all onto a truck and hitting the road.  Plus, thanks to some help on the other end from my parents who did a lot of house hunting for us, we now have a nice 3 bedroom place to move into that has gas stove, fireplace and a two car garage so I will have a place to not only park, but also some workshop room since we only have the Saturn.

So, I won’t be blogging for a bit (not that anyone would really notice) as we get everything loaded up and moved on out.  Pictures will follow – most likely taken by my lovely wife and mother of of my child.

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