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January 20th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Cry FREEDOM!, Libtards, Pass the ammo

Did he say something that was tasteless?  Sure.  Was it illegal?  Nope.

Last I checked we still have freedom of speech around these parts and while what he said may not make him popular, he still has a right to say it.  For the police to confiscate his weapons without even filing any criminal charges is beyond the pale.  This is the kind of world liberals would create for us, a place where your liberties can be taken because you don’t conform to the correct kind of thinking.

H/T to Borepatch

Simple Things

January 16th, 2011 | 4 Comments | Posted in Furballs, Uncategorized

Our new boys, Zane and Cooper, have proven to be not only a heck of a lot of fun and love but, in Zane’s case particularly, proof that stubborn exists in all species.  In fact, when Zane’s foster mom handed him over she gave him a hug and a kiss and then told my wife “Good luck, you’ll need it.”

She was right too.  Zane gets into enough trouble for at least five cats and when caught does he show any remorse?  Not one bit.  In fact, if anything he just makes a mental note about not getting caught the next time.

Cooper on the other hand is the good little mama’s boy.  He likes to curl up with the wife and purr.  Most of the trouble he gets in is because he will follow and join Zane in whatever mischief is brewing.  Only the fact that he is about half Zane’s size keeps him from causing as much trouble as his big brother does.

The funniest thing though is Cooper’s favorite toy – a cube of ice.  Cooper discovered how fun they were when a cube bounced out of the ice dispenser while I was filling a glass.  As soon as it hit the floor he pounced on it only to have it go flying away from him, and that began the grand game of Cooper sliding across the floor to get the ice cube, and it sliding away from him and Zane will join in too.  It’s like a game of kitten ice hockey

Now, any time put a glass in to get some ice I get two tiny faces staring up at the ice dispenser waiting for that small bit of frozen joy to come out.

Living a fantasy

January 13th, 2011 | 5 Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, We're from the government...

I haven’t posted on the tragedy that happened in Arizona for the same reason as many others – it’s all been said by people much better than myself and much more eloquently.  But now, before even a week has passed, the left is trotting out new laws that will somehow magically protect us from deranged individuals who have murder on their mind.

The latest is to bring back a ban on “high capacity magazines”

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) will introduce legislation next week capping ammunition magazines at 10 bullets, she announced Thursday.

McCarthy, whose husband was killed during a commuter train shooting in 1993, has said all week that she’d be proposing legislation to ban high-capacity clips like those allegedly used in Saturday’s shooting in Arizona. But she hadn’t specified the maximum number of bullets, hoping instead that some flexibility on her part might entice GOP leaders to support the bill.

Somehow, I guess, if the magazine capacity is limited to ten bullets that will make a criminal stop in his tracks and say “Gee, I guess I won’t commit this crime if I can’t have MORE than ten rounds.”  Because, you know, we can’t do ANYTHING with a gun that carries six, five, seven, or even eight rounds in it.  Nope.  Perfectly safe.  It’s only when you go above ten rounds that all the crazies come out and start arming up.

Seriously, this kind of idiocy is what is passing for thoughtful legislation??

The New York Democrat said it’s impossible to estimate the effects of her proposal, but it will “ultimately save lives.”

“The only purpose for the existence of these devices is to be able to shoot as many people as possible as quickly as possible,” McCarthy wrote Thursday in a “Dear Colleague” letter to House members. “There is no reason that these devices should be available to the general public.”

Save lives?? Really??  How?  This law will save no more lives that the so-called “Assault weapons ban” saved lives.  I guess she might pull some ‘study’ out that was paid for by a Soros backed anti-gun group, but I would trust something like that as much as I would trust any climate research data given to me by the UN.

And while she may view a magazine that carries more than ten rounds as something that is designed to kill “as many people as possible as quickly as possible” I would ask how this is a bad thing if you are defending a group against multiple hostile targets?  They always portray is as “The bad guys use this item in this way so we need to take it away from everyone!”  What sense does that make?  Yes, you can fire more rounds before reloading, but if I have five hostile targets I would rather have a fifteen round magazine and be able to have three shots at each target than only having two shots.

If those in Congress really wanted to save lives instead of trying to disarm us at every turn they would instead do everything they can to make sure that law abiding citizens had the full force of the second amendment behind them.  We would see Congress that instead of trying to turn us all into sheep at the mercy of wolves, would instead allow us to turn ourselves into wolfhounds who are able to take the wolves down on our own.

But that, I suppose, would make us less dependent on the benevolent protection of our ‘lords and masters’ in the Federal government.  Every city that has enacted strict gun control laws has seen their crime go up.  This kind of law would be the first step in seeing crime go up nation wide.

When I was in school and a bully would try and pick on me I was always told “Go and tell a teacher, fighting is wrong!”  I knew when they said it the first time that they were full of shit and every time after that just proved me more and more right.

See, bullies would never come after you when a teacher was around and then when they DID come after you there was no way to get a teacher because the bully was in between you and them.  Same thing with bad guys and insane bad guys, they aren’t attacking where people are carrying guns.  They are going to “Gun Free” zones.  They aren’t showing up at the local police station and trying to shoot it up; they are going to the local colleges where they know the police presence is low and victim presence is high.

And the thing about bullies is this – they hate it when you can fight back.  You knock them on their ass and they will run for the hills.  They want sheep not wolfhounds!  The more we fight back and defend ourselves against these kinds of acts, the less they will happen.

Also, on a side note, do you think that terrorists who want to bring war to our homes aren’t watching all of this and have a pretty good idea of where to hit to cause the most casualties in the least amount of time?  If you think they aren’t then I have some swampland I want to sell you.

Just like the madman in Arizona, they are watching and planning.  The last thing we need is Congress helping them out by taking away our ability to defend ourselves because they are sticking their heads in the sand and living some sort of lefty fantasy land.

A big H/T to Extrano’s Alley where I first read about this stupidity

High Altitude Workout

January 3rd, 2011 | 1 Comment | Posted in It's all about me

Since leaving Alameda I haven’t had a lot of time to work out.  I did start getting back into it while we were in Austin, that is until I injured my big toe on the left foot and pinky toe on the right foot within two days of each other.  I swear I must have sprained them because if I had broken them it would have hurt less.

Anyway, workouts ended up being wishful thinking for a few weeks.  Then I got the job offer and we moved out here to the Albuquerque area and with unpacking, starting new job and just trying to find my workout gear the workouts got pushed back yet again.

Well, now I am back to doing it and there is one thing that I dreaded above all else – the altitude.  In Alameda we were at 30 ft above sea level, here in Albuquerque were at 5,312 ft.  That’s a difference of 5,282 feet, which is a hell of a lot and makes for very freaking thin air!  While I was able to do a fairly full workout in California, out here I made it through about half of my P90X plyometrics workout before I decided that I had done  enough damage to myself for one day.  My lungs were burning, muscles were screaming, and sweat was pouring off of me.

Now granted, I am still trying to get some weight off and I don’t breeze through my workouts to begin with, especially not the P90X ones (those suck in a major way, but they are a GOOD workout) but this altitude shit is a real pain in the ass.  I think I will just have to resign myself to major levels of suck on my workout for about a month or so until I can get use to the fact that I just don’t have as much air here as I did in CA.  But, since I have a lot more freedoms here too, I think the trade off is worth it.