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Happy Birthday

April 9th, 2011 Posted in The wife and I, Uncategorized

To the latest edition to the Instinct household, My son Matthew (Insight)

Born April 5th 2011
7lbs 2oz 20.25 inches

This is the main reason the blog has been running silent for the last few months.  I’ve been painting a baby room, building some shelving units and a toybox (we were given a crib so no need to build one), and generally getting things ready.

We didn’t know the sex of our baby because the wife, Intuition, wanted it to be a surprise.  So, on the day he was delivered – c-section since he refused to turn around and go the right direction (insert typical female joke here) – Our doctor came in and talked with us about everything that they were going to do and then introduced us to the attending physician Dr. No! Yes, that was his real name and yes, he does own a cat.  Dr. No then asked if we had any names picked out so we told him Matthew for a boy and Alexandra for a girl.

They wheeled her out to do the spinal block and at the same time had me get dressed in a white coverall, hairnet, and shoe covers so that I would be ready once they were ready for me in the delivery room.  About fifteen minutes later they came and got me, but not before a fire alarm went off on the floor below us making me wonder if we might not have to delay the delivery and instead evacuate.  It was a small fire though and apparently handled by an orderly with a fire extinguisher.

I’m not sure what I expected the operating room to look like, but I guess it looked like most any other room I’ve seen in a hospital before, there was a bed (with my wife on it) a sink, a machine over to the side that looked kind of like a bassinet crossed with a food warmer, and the mandatory machine that goes ‘ping!’

The delivery actually didn’t take very long at all, maybe 30 minutes from start to the time he was out.  When he came out we. of course, couldn’t see him because of the drape that was between us and the doctors, but I heard Dr. No announce “It’s a Matthew!” as he brought him around so we could see.  I don’t really know how I expected to feel when I saw my child, I knew I would be happy, but the wave of love and joy that washed over me as I looked at my son for the first time was incredible and left me stunned.  Such a small little boy and he stole my heart from the first minute.

He cried for only a minute or two when they weighed him and cleaned him off, and then when they handed him to me he instantly stopped as if to say “OK, I’m with dad and all is well.”  He’s been that way ever since too, he can be fussy and as soon as he is in my arms or his mothers he stops crying.  I guess he knows that we will handle it and take care of him.

They had to take blood from him for a state mandated test, he didn’t make a sound during it.  They did his circumcision, he cried during the shot and after that just sucked on my pinky finger and looked at me like “Are we done yet”.  Hearing test – done, but he kept pulling off all the head things they stuck to him.  He would distract the nurse with one thing and while she was handling that he would pull off the monitors.

He’s a smart tough kid and I am so glad and proud that he is my son.  I look at him and see the potential for a really great kid in his face and I’ll be honest and say that I do not understand anyone who could end a life like this because it is more convenient for them.  If they could see for one day the gift from god that they tossed away because of “choice” I think they would regret the path they took forever.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Six Says:

    Congratulations! If I was making a bet I’d wager all that I own that you’re going to be a great father. May there be many, many happy days together.

  2. Instinct Says:

    Thanks, Six. I figure if I do things the way my dad did I should be OK.

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