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New gun stuff!

May 6th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, Uncategorized

I’m sure that some of you have noticed the two directions my recent blogging has been going, guns and babies. Now, in a blog, these kinds of things can exist together without any problems. In fact, you can blog about quite a few things that normally you would not think of together like, oh, guns and librarians.  But, in the real world while those things might exist very well side by side, sometimes precautions must still be taken.

With a son now, and still owning a small (considering the armament levels of  my friends and family) amount of guns, I realized that I now had to start moving into a more adult storage solution for gun cleaning gear, ammo, and shooting equipment.

Originally, I had kept it all on a shelf near my computer, and when it is just two knowledgeable and consenting adults in the house it can work out for a while.  But now, we have a very small child and while he is not yet big enough to get his hands on any of it, he will soon be moving around and have control over his little hands and feet and be able to get to things I will probably not want him to.

So with that in mind I started looking around for ammo and equipment storage solutions that was less costly than a floor mounted safe but better than a cardboard box taped shut.  What I found were two items that fit the bill quite nicely and what follows is initial impressions since I just got them the other day

First up is the Sportsman’s Plus Utility Dry Box by MTM

So far the first thing I though when it arrived was “Big!”  It has a top flip open storage area and then inside the main compartment a removable storage tray.  Between the two of them all of my cleaning supplies fit nicely and are easy to get to.

Underneath the interior storage tray is a large main compartment that is big enough to fit two portable gun safe for both pistols, hearing protection, shooting glasses and still have room for a lot of boxes of ammo.  It also has two holes near the main latch to put a couple of locks on it in case you need to secure it that way.  The handle is also rounded and chunky which keeps it from digging into your hand when the box is loaded up and the thick wall construction makes it so it doesn’t warp around or twist when you are carrying it.  Overall impression – nice, very nice.

Next item was for ammo storage.  Since we do have two shotguns in the house it seems like the thing to do to keep the ammo organized ans safe so I got the Deluxe Shotshell Case

The shotshell case is very similar in construction to the utility box, the difference is that the shotshell has a smaller main compartment that hold two 50-round trays for either 12 or 20 gauge shell.  Beyond that, it still has enough room inside to slide one more box of shells in on the side, or some cleaning gear, and there are also two storage trays on the lid that hold brushes and solvent very nicely.

So, all the shotgun cleaning gear and 150 rounds of ammo will fit easily into this box and the construction is thick enough that it too doesn’t warp or twist when it’s fully loaded up.  There is also a spot on the top of the lid where it looks like you can stick five rounds in the lid – I guess just in case you really need some reloads fast LIKE DURING A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Anyway, the cases are great, price range was perfect, and I’m thinking I’ll be ordering more ammo cans from them in the future, and maybe even a pistol case or two.

*** Disclaimer***

Mr FTC Blog Monitor – I PAID for these cases, I was not GIVEN them nor was I PAID to blog about them.  They are very nice cases that I thought I would write about because I happen to like them, so there  :p