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Baby gun Blogging

May 10th, 2011 Posted in Pass the ammo, The Boy

In yet another blending of babies and guns, I present our new baby bag

At $29.99 it’s about $60.00 cheaper than some other diaper bags and has a ton of room and pockets to put stuff like bottles, diapers and extra magazines.  And as far as a changing pad goes, we have a soft blanket for that.

5 Responses to “Baby gun Blogging”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Perfect diaper bag! I love it.

  2. paulajeanne Says:

    Lol! When you said magazine, my mind immediately went to “wonder for which gun?” and then the “duh” sign went up. but then I started wondering, which did he really mean?

  3. Six Says:

    I think you’ve invented a whole new paradigm. How to get your husband interested in changing diapers. Patent the idea and come out with a whole line of ‘Man Diaper Bags’.

  4. Instinct Says:

    Both, Paulajeanne. :)

    Could do a toolbelt/diaperbag too… 😀

  5. Deuce Says:

    I need to know where I can get this from Please let me know.

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