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Real Hero

May 10th, 2011 Posted in Cry FREEDOM!, Rough men, Support the Troops

To all those jackasses like Ted Rall, Dicksmith, and Matthis Chiroux who think our military is populated by mass murderers and rapists.

Here’s a REAL hero, unlike aforementioned douche nozzles.  Lt. Col Ted Lockwood personally helped rescue 14 women from slavery in Iraq and provided them with protection, food, shelter, clothing and used their own money to buy the women personal items at the exchange on the post.

And, like an actual hero, he doesn’t think he did anything special

“I am not interested in any publicity but would really like to raise awareness of the fate of these women and especially the 100+ that are still in Iraq,” Lockwood wrote in an initial email. “I do not need to be a part of your telling.”

Sorry, sir. But you do.

During the six months he was deployed Lt. Col. Lcokwood made sure that any woman that came to them for help received it.  While this may not seem like a heroic thing to do in some peoples eyes, you have to understand that he risked not only a diplomatic incident but also his career to do what he thought was right – helping to rescue these women from literal slavery.

Sexually assaulted, starved, worked from early in the morning until late at night, some without any pay, the women felt trapped.

“Oh, my God. I thought I would die. I thought they were going to kill me. I lost my life,” said Prossie, one of the Ugandans who found refuge within Victory Base Complex.

She said she was raped at one house where she worked. She considered taking her own life before another Ugandan woman passed her a secret message: “Get to the American base.”

I suggest you read the whole thing.

Lt. Col. Lockwood I salute you sir.  Would be proud to serve in your command.

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  1. paulajeanne Says:

    wow! passing on kudos to Lt. Col Lockwood. Too bad we don’t hear about heroes like him in the LameStreet Media. Thanks for passing on the story, Instinct.

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