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You Can’t Catch Me..

May 12th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in webstuff

.. because I’m the NINJABREAD MAN!!

Yes, you thought the gingerbread man was fast?  Well, the ninjabread man is not only fast, but deadly  and very, very tasty too.

I came across this thanks to Ailuromaniac who always sends me fun stuff, and this certainly counts under fun  😀

What she sent me was actually a security system for my beer that would keep it cold and safe without having to put a padlock on the fridge – the Fridge Locker personal security system.

Yep, Now my beer can stay frosty and safe from the zombie hoards, and even if they do get in, I’ll still have my ninjabread minions available to fight them off!!!


I wasn’t paid to blog about this stuff either, in fact I don’t own either of these items, I just thought they were amusing so I made this post.