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More Additions

June 4th, 2011 Posted in Pass the ammo, The wife and I

I know my dad is up to something anytime he says “Come out to the garage with me for a moment”.  Last time he said that he gave my wife this. This time was no exception.

We had been talking about my wife’s Ruger SP101 and getting (or possibly making – more on that later) new grips for it since the current ones are a bit large for her hands.  Well, we go out to the garage and my dad’s gun safe where he pulls this out and says “See if this fits her hand.”

So now, not only does she have a 1897 12 gauge shotgun, a Ruger SP101, and now a very sweet .45 single action revolver but dad is also giving her a .22 single action revolver as well so she has something with less kick to practice her technique with.

My wife now has more firearms than I do!!!

On a side note, when dad handed it to her the first thing she said was “Wow, this is a really pretty gun.”  Dad I know was glad she liked it but he said in a very sarcastic tone “We don’t care how pretty it is, guns aren’t pretty, they are tools.  And it’s not a ‘gun’ it’s a revolver.”

But still, it’s a very nice looking revolver.

3 Responses to “More Additions”

  1. Six Says:

    Dude! Your dad rocks. Maybe he’d like to adopt a very nice 51 year old, balding fat guy??? I have lots of room in my gun safe.

  2. Instinct Says:

    Yeah, but he keeps giving the guns to HER! I think he is discriminating against me. 😀

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