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June 8th, 2011 Posted in Cowards, People are Stupid

Breda, who I consider a good acquaintance if not yet a good friend, has posted about an incident that she had happen and I am 100% in agreement with her.

A photo her husband took and then she posted to her blog was pirated by Gunmart – yes PIRATED, stolen, illegally used, used in violation of copyright laws – and then linked with the word porn, pisses me off to no end.   And after repeatedly being asked to remove the offending post or rename it responds with this:

Gunmart said…

I knew girls like you in High School, but I thought they all grew up.

I am still waiting for you to politely ask me to take it down. No, you havent asked. You have yelled and screamed demands, but I do not respond to that. If you had asked politely instead of jumping off the deep end and started all this silly drama, I would have removed it immediately… and I’m still waiting.

My blog is not run by mob rule, and I will not get dragged into this silly high school nonsense. I’m not gonna play your little Twitter sniping games nor will I chase posts all over the internet.

When you are ready to lose the drama like a mature adult politely address your concerns, I am willing and waiting.

Seriously, you steal someones property and then demand that they kiss your ass before you remove it?  How bout this FUCK YOU!

I knew guys like you in high school too.  Little self absorbed jackasses that would call a girl a whore, slut or bitch when she wouldn’t go out with you.

As Mike W said, you started this bullshit and then, when you stepped on your dick repeatedly, tried to turn it around so that somehow it was everyone else that was in the wrong and you are the victim.  Your name wouldn’t really be Anthony Weiner would it??

I really, REALLY hope that Breda lets the legal eagles peck your eyes out for copyright infringement and slander libel.  I also hope that one day you grow the hell up and stop being an attention whore, but I doubt it.  I do hope if I ever get out to a gunblogger meet up that you won’t be there because I would hate having to spend half my time at it telling you to go pound sand up your ass.

You have pissed on everyone in the gun blogging community with you douchebag attitude and I for one hope you get all the traffic you deserve from this, which is zero.



Not only is he an asshole, he is an unoriginal asshole too.  Here is his comment policy

He can’t even come up with an original quote on his own, he had to steal it from Say Uncle

So, stole pictures from Breda, words from Say Uncle, and (considering that he blocked all comments) his courage from the Cowardly Lion.

Yep, Grade-A, number 1 ASSHOLE

5 Responses to “Asshole”

  1. ailuromaniac Says:

    I just have a little quibble.

    The posted slur to Breda is not slander….It is considered to be in print therefore, it is LIBEL. Slander is oral and more closely adjudicated to be akin to gossip.

    BTW liable carries more stringent penalties than slander and dovetails nicely with charges of copyright infringement.

  2. ailuromaniac Says:

    That should have been:

    BTW libel carries more stringent penalties than slander and dovetails nicely with charges of copyright infringement.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Heh. She shouldn’t have had to ask. When she tweeted right after the post went up that she was uncomfortable with her name and porn being put together, he should have changed it immediately. She was plenty polite.
    But hey! Stir up a bit of controversy and watch the hits roll in. Too bad he doesn’t have the brains to realize that traffic bump will turn into crickets as the internet shuns him.

  4. Instinct Says:

    I figured I used the wrong term, but I was in a hurry and didn’t look it up so now when I get home I’ll fix it.

    Damn you English language!!! :)

  5. mike w. Says:

    “fuck you” is pretty much all that needs to be said to the asshat in question. I agree with Jennifer that right after she made her displeasure known to him on Twitter the post should have been removed / amended.

    Instead this “man” decided to dig in and escalate the situation from there.

    Good post!

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