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WTF: 2A Edition

So after peaking over at Another Gun Blog I saw he had a post about someone I have never heard of who is running for Congress in California and has, of course, adopted all of their nut-job ideas including repealing the 2nd Amendment.

Now, Mike does a very good job at laying out my feelings on this

Repealing the 2nd Amendment doesn’t make it go away anymore than repealing the rest of the Bill of Rights would allow the government to kick in my door and rob, beat, imprison and torture me with impunity. The 2nd Amendment is inherent and inalienable just like the rest of the Bill of Rights. Words on ink & parchment don’t “grant” me the right to keep & bear arms, they merely codify a pre-existing right. My rights, all of them, exist independent of the Constitution.

All of which is very true, but I want to look at it from another angle.  The article has a nice little rundown on the nut-job in question and make certain to point out that he was a member of the NRA  in the very first paragraph – as if this somehow validates his position

Mike Barkley is a former member of the National Rifle Association.

He has carried a 45 Smith & Wesson as protection against wild boars and mountain lions on his family’s Northern California ranch.

And he knows what crime is like having owned and managed an apartment complex where he lived for nearly two decades in East Oakland.

And then it goes on to lay out his idea because the moron says that “Gun control Laws aren’t working

Barkley, though, has no qualms with individuals exercising the privilege to possess weapons to protect themsleves. To address that he’s proposing a constitutional amendment that would impose an annual tax on every firearm in a household. Taxes would start at $10 for the first firearm, $20 for the second firearm, $30 for the third firearm, $100 each for the fourth through ninth firearms and $1,000 each for any firearm in excess of nine.

And under his proposed amendment should a firearm be lost or stolen it would result in a $1,000 penalty with the penalty rescinded or refunded if the firearm is recovered. But there’s a big caveat to that: If the firearm is used in the commission of a felony then an additional $1,000 penalty will be imposed.

So, since gun control isn’t working he wants to impose… more gun control.

Standard liberal answer.  Instead of realizing that gun control is the problem because it disarms the law abiding citizen, he wants to double and triple down on the stupid.  And somehow, I will bet, he’s going to get elected.

I can’t wait for the earthquake that makes California and island so we can finally get rid of them.

Oh, and owning a firearm isn’t a ‘privilege’, it’s a God given, fundamental RIGHT of this country and what make us THE greatest place in the world to live.