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What I learned

June 15th, 2011 Posted in work is good

I work for a major wireless communications company and the other day they decided that we all needed to see the new and current products that our manufacturers were providing us so that we could better describe and sell them to the customer.  Now, you would think that would mean a little hands on time, some question asking, and generally a real ‘hands on’ approach to the whole thing.

You would be wrong.

Someone decided that would take much too long and instead set all the vendors up in one large room, we were all shuffled in there by team and then given five minutes at each vendors table so they could blast out as much info as possible before the people running it blew an airhorn and told us to move to the next table.  Yep, speed dating with cell phones.

When each vendor has multiple phones with different features and capabilities I’m sure you can guess how much information they were really able to give us.  Not a lot.  Then as we were hurried to the next table they would shove some swag in our hands as we hurried on.

You want to know what I retained out of it all?  Blackberry gives away Frisbees and that goes well with the sunscreen Kyocera was passing out.

One Response to “What I learned”

  1. ailuromaniac Says:

    Reminds me of tech support at Gateway in KC
    OJT was segregated to the left and the right for Sales and Tech Support.
    Intro to the new fragile bubble-jet printer we were selling was a hoot.
    Sales was like a high school pep rally they were pumped for no apparent reason.
    Tech was like … “eww! that’s not going to work.”
    Sure enough before it got out of the hands of TECH 3 it was broken.
    It did not stay on the options list for very long, thank GOD!

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