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Sporting Some Wood

June 17th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, work is good

Went down to to Stock Building Supply today and grabbed me some wood.

For those who might remember, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was thinking of making my wife some grips for her pistol.  Well, that’s what the wood is for and so I picked up a linear foot each of African Padauk and Jatoba.

The Padauk has a wonderful red color to it that I think will work very well on its own as the entire grip, or also as an accent wood to a grip.

The Jatoba on the other hand is a very nice chocolate brown color that will be great for give the grip a nice classic feel with a rich, dark color to it.

In either case, though, both of these are VERY hard woods so if this takes off I’ll probably start looking for a bandsaw to help make my life a lot easier.