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Sporting Some Wood

June 17th, 2011 Posted in Pass the ammo, work is good

Went down to to Stock Building Supply today and grabbed me some wood.

For those who might remember, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was thinking of making my wife some grips for her pistol.  Well, that’s what the wood is for and so I picked up a linear foot each of African Padauk and Jatoba.

The Padauk has a wonderful red color to it that I think will work very well on its own as the entire grip, or also as an accent wood to a grip.

The Jatoba on the other hand is a very nice chocolate brown color that will be great for give the grip a nice classic feel with a rich, dark color to it.

In either case, though, both of these are VERY hard woods so if this takes off I’ll probably start looking for a bandsaw to help make my life a lot easier.

2 Responses to “Sporting Some Wood”

  1. mike w. Says:

    This post gave me wood 😛

  2. Instinct Says:


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