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On the ‘Do Want’ list

June 28th, 2011 Posted in It's all about me, Sharp Pointy Things

Separate from the Armory list is the ‘Do Want’ list.  Most of the things on this list are either survival/ camping items or general thing that I see and start grunting and drooling over.

So, as a hint to the wife for Christmas I now present a few of them.

Maxpedition Fat Boy GTG I like the left side carry version. Or, I guess I could get the right side version and just carry it on the left.  That would put the keys on the front rather than the back and the water bottle would be in easy reach.

Since I shoot either hand, if I have it in the bag it’s fine and If I have in on my right hip the bag isn’t in the way.

The other good thing is that it has room for the kids bottle, a diaper or two as well a snacks and extra ammo.  Yeah, I know ‘baby gun blogging’, be glad I haven’t stuck in any cute baby pictures yet.

Next up is more of a survival/ camping item, the Trailblazer Axe/knife combo.  I’m very much a dual use kind of person and this axe does that.  Hammer on one side, axe on the other and utility knife in the handle.

I like that feature because it means you have three tools in the space of one, and an extra knife is never a bad thing to me.

So, there they are, the beginnings of a “do want” list that isn’t about weapons.  Well, kind-of not about weapons… a little.

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