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WTF: 2A Edition

So after peaking over at Another Gun Blog I saw he had a post about someone I have never heard of who is running for Congress in California and has, of course, adopted all of their nut-job ideas including repealing the 2nd Amendment.

Now, Mike does a very good job at laying out my feelings on this

Repealing the 2nd Amendment doesn’t make it go away anymore than repealing the rest of the Bill of Rights would allow the government to kick in my door and rob, beat, imprison and torture me with impunity. The 2nd Amendment is inherent and inalienable just like the rest of the Bill of Rights. Words on ink & parchment don’t “grant” me the right to keep & bear arms, they merely codify a pre-existing right. My rights, all of them, exist independent of the Constitution.

All of which is very true, but I want to look at it from another angle.  The article has a nice little rundown on the nut-job in question and make certain to point out that he was a member of the NRA  in the very first paragraph – as if this somehow validates his position

Mike Barkley is a former member of the National Rifle Association.

He has carried a 45 Smith & Wesson as protection against wild boars and mountain lions on his family’s Northern California ranch.

And he knows what crime is like having owned and managed an apartment complex where he lived for nearly two decades in East Oakland.

And then it goes on to lay out his idea because the moron says that “Gun control Laws aren’t working

Barkley, though, has no qualms with individuals exercising the privilege to possess weapons to protect themsleves. To address that he’s proposing a constitutional amendment that would impose an annual tax on every firearm in a household. Taxes would start at $10 for the first firearm, $20 for the second firearm, $30 for the third firearm, $100 each for the fourth through ninth firearms and $1,000 each for any firearm in excess of nine.

And under his proposed amendment should a firearm be lost or stolen it would result in a $1,000 penalty with the penalty rescinded or refunded if the firearm is recovered. But there’s a big caveat to that: If the firearm is used in the commission of a felony then an additional $1,000 penalty will be imposed.

So, since gun control isn’t working he wants to impose… more gun control.

Standard liberal answer.  Instead of realizing that gun control is the problem because it disarms the law abiding citizen, he wants to double and triple down on the stupid.  And somehow, I will bet, he’s going to get elected.

I can’t wait for the earthquake that makes California and island so we can finally get rid of them.

Oh, and owning a firearm isn’t a ‘privilege’, it’s a God given, fundamental RIGHT of this country and what make us THE greatest place in the world to live.


Shooting Fun

June 12th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Family Stuff, Pass the ammo

Went shooting the other day with my dad and brother

Bret, of course, shot using the standard police Weaver Stance with a Springfield XD .45

Dad still uses the classic Isosceles Stance while shooting his Springfield 1911, but if you look closely you will notice that his shooting hand looks a little odd – his trigger finger isn’t on the trigger even though he just fired off a round.  That’s because dad has arthritis in his trigger finger so he lays it along side the frame and shoots with his middle finger.

And he still out shoots me.

How I Became a Gunnie

June 9th, 2011 | 4 Comments | Posted in It's all about me, Pass the ammo

Or “How the Liberal Nut Jobs Helped Me Wake Up and Smell the Hoppe’s”

Jennifer asked the question, so here’s the long answer:

I grew up with guns and if I am perfectly honest, I think it made me a little complacent about the 2nd Amendment.  I mean, I grew up thinking that everyone had a gun in the house, it wasn’t until high school that I found out a friend of mine’s family wouldn’t let him come over because we had guns.  My dad was UDT  then went to NIS, and finally became a  NM State Police officer.  Later he moved on to being an investigator (motorcycle gangs and homicide) so there were always guns in the house because of his job.

I remember when I was about seven or eight he took us out onto the mesa and showed us kids what kind of damage a shotgun could do to a watermelon.  After that it became a regular weekend excursion to drive out to the mesa and do some pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting.

At home for plinking my brother and I both had BB guns.  During the summer we would set up targets on the back of the shed and spend hours out there cocking and firing away.  At one point we used each other as targets, a fact which not only broke the four rules (or, followed them in a twisted way), but something that our mom did not learn about until 30 years later.  Later we shared a semi-auto .22 rifle and a CO2 powered pistol and since there was a good supply of soup cans, milk jugs and bottles of various sizes there was always things to aim at.

In high school I did more shooting as part of the USMC JROTC unit.  We did rifle shooting with .22 rifles and learned more gun safety and shooting positions, I managed to get my expert badge too.  After high school though instead of joining the Corps like I wanted to, I ended up in the Navy because at the time the Marines were full up with recruits and I didn’t want to wait around to get out in the world.  Did more shooting in boot camp, got another badge (sharpshooter with pistol) and then didn’t touch a firearm again for four long years ntil I was assigned to the MP’s and went to the range for qualification again.

During that time I had decided that maybe I wanted to be a cop on the outside.  My dad was a cop, both my brothers are cops, so what the heck, right??  So while serving with the MP’s I put myself through the California Police Academy.  Again, more shooting, this time though it was pistol and shotgun.  After graduation though California’s economy crashed (sound familiar) and with no jobs to be had (and not wanting to reenlist with Clinton as President) I moved away and instead ended up in a regular job where I realized something – I was actually happier NOT busting heads.  So, I set about figuring out what I wanted to REALLY do for a living.

So, I ended up at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio working on an animation degree – no time for shooting, heck no time for sleeping!  But, eventually I graduated, got married and then we thought about grad school and that took us from Ohio out to California, and that is where I got the wake up call.

Living in San Francisco I was exposed to a level of crazy that I had really thought was only present in stupid movies.  I met people who were literally willing to trade their freedom away for some kind of perceived safety, and would sell you and I up the river to get it. 9-11 had taught them NOTHING!  I had teachers who thought, and taught, that the government should be in charge of taking care of us and we should never have to lift a finger to get what we want.  The scariest part of these people though was that if you didn’t think like they did, you were a target – not that I really cared, but the whole “You must be assimilated” thing was a bit too far out for me.

When they would find out I was former military, the hostility was obvious.  Not everyone was that way, but enough.  I had one person ask me how I could be conservative and be an artist at the same time.  These people truly hated and didn’t understand a damn thing about the people and rights that kept them free.  They were all very good at spouting off about the 1st Amendment, but most of them only knew the ‘freedom of speech’ part.

At the same time, I had started this blog.  Originally it was just to keep in touch with friends as we moved and a good place to put up some photos, but as I discovered other blogs, and especially gun blogs, I realized that I needed to get back to shooting again and really exercising my 2A rights. So, I got with a friend of mine out there and we began hitting the range and a month later I bought the very first weapon I ever bought for myself, my shotgun Bruce.  When I bought it the girl behind the counter gave me a look like I just killed a kitten in front of her.

Now that I’m back in a free state, the shooting is on, the blogging is on and I’m getting my wife going with us too, and she likes it a lot.

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Some happy stuff

June 9th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Rough men, The Boy, The wife and I

Pictures of the boy to brighten the day.  He’s gotten so big, so quick!

A friend asked how I felt being a dad now.  I described it like this:

It’s like my whole world was in black and white but then when he was born it suddenly turned to color and I realized that this was the way it should be

Yep – welcome to Oz

Matt with an expression I usually have at work

My dad and my son.

Below the fold – silly cat pictures

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June 8th, 2011 | 5 Comments | Posted in Cowards, People are Stupid

Breda, who I consider a good acquaintance if not yet a good friend, has posted about an incident that she had happen and I am 100% in agreement with her.

A photo her husband took and then she posted to her blog was pirated by Gunmart – yes PIRATED, stolen, illegally used, used in violation of copyright laws – and then linked with the word porn, pisses me off to no end.   And after repeatedly being asked to remove the offending post or rename it responds with this:

Gunmart said…

I knew girls like you in High School, but I thought they all grew up.

I am still waiting for you to politely ask me to take it down. No, you havent asked. You have yelled and screamed demands, but I do not respond to that. If you had asked politely instead of jumping off the deep end and started all this silly drama, I would have removed it immediately… and I’m still waiting.

My blog is not run by mob rule, and I will not get dragged into this silly high school nonsense. I’m not gonna play your little Twitter sniping games nor will I chase posts all over the internet.

When you are ready to lose the drama like a mature adult politely address your concerns, I am willing and waiting.

Seriously, you steal someones property and then demand that they kiss your ass before you remove it?  How bout this FUCK YOU!

I knew guys like you in high school too.  Little self absorbed jackasses that would call a girl a whore, slut or bitch when she wouldn’t go out with you.

As Mike W said, you started this bullshit and then, when you stepped on your dick repeatedly, tried to turn it around so that somehow it was everyone else that was in the wrong and you are the victim.  Your name wouldn’t really be Anthony Weiner would it??

I really, REALLY hope that Breda lets the legal eagles peck your eyes out for copyright infringement and slander libel.  I also hope that one day you grow the hell up and stop being an attention whore, but I doubt it.  I do hope if I ever get out to a gunblogger meet up that you won’t be there because I would hate having to spend half my time at it telling you to go pound sand up your ass.

You have pissed on everyone in the gun blogging community with you douchebag attitude and I for one hope you get all the traffic you deserve from this, which is zero.



Not only is he an asshole, he is an unoriginal asshole too.  Here is his comment policy

He can’t even come up with an original quote on his own, he had to steal it from Say Uncle

So, stole pictures from Breda, words from Say Uncle, and (considering that he blocked all comments) his courage from the Cowardly Lion.

Yep, Grade-A, number 1 ASSHOLE

Speaking of Revolvers

June 4th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, ramblings

Do want!

Not for defense or anything, just because it is so unusual looking

Course, if I can’t find one, I could always go with the next generation version – the Rino

In all honesty though, I like the Mateba Autorevolver better just based on aesthetics.