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The Nerd Side

July 2nd, 2011 Posted in Animation Stuff, It's all about me, Penn Station

I’m back to modeling again.  I was away from it for too long due to moving, new job, new baby, and new computer that I had to build and then load software on, but now I am back in the groove and while not hitting the 3D stuff every day, I’m going consistent and strong at it.

Right now the focus is all on the thesis.  All my class work is done and I just need to get my thesis finished and submitted so I can have my piece of paper that says I can do the job.  So, I’ve broken out the thesis project and pulled it apart some to make improvements and correct a few things that I noticed were not the way I would like it.

First up was the ‘Birdcage”, the metal framework that supported the glass ceiling to Penn Station, I have just a few items left to build for it and it will be finished (construction wise that is).  Next up will be replacing the placeholder textures with the real one, so lots of Photoshop work in the future for me, as well as CrazyBump and maybe even some zBrush for it.

So here is how it looks now.

Now I just have to go over the concourse floor, ceiling, walls, railroad tracks, benches, luggage, trains and lights.

Yeah, it might take a few months.

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