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More Progress

July 22nd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Animation Stuff, Penn Station, pretty pictures

It seems that I am actually getting close to finishing the modeling on my thesis environment. I was stalled for quite a while on it due to a number of things: moving, baby, finding a job and not having a really good view of what the platform level looked like.  Well, after finding the platform image I posted a few weeks back it energized me to get back to work and finish this thing.

I may have the final major parts done in by the beginning of August. After that I’ll need to build the train, carriage cars and some environmental props. Once all that is done it will be off to texturing, lighting and then I will call it done.

The end seems to be in sight. Let’s just hope all this work can translate into a job.

Platform view

And from the 31st Street Stairs.