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And more screen shots

July 31st, 2011 Posted in Penn Station, pretty pictures

Getting much closer to finished.  Only details left are the lights on the support beams and some security fences on the north walls stairs.  After that it is a matter of filling out some of the walls to the outer areas and then the modeling of the station is done!!!  FINALLY!!!

Click on the image to embiggen it

4 Responses to “And more screen shots”

  1. Steven Says:

    What are you making this for? It’s absolutely unbelievable. I work for the Save Hotel Pennsylvania Foundation (Hotel Penn was Penn Station’s Hotel) I would love to post a final copy of this on our website!

  2. Instinct Says:

    This is being done as my thesis project for my masters degree. I am down to making the texture maps and making the subway train for the tracks. I got stalled on it for a little while but I am diving back in and hope to have it done in a few months.

  3. Josh Says:

    Your work is wonderful! I have to admit when I first saw the screen grabs in the thumbnails I thought “how the heck did they get my model?”. On closer inspection I saw the details that I’m headed for next so I took a closer look. Beautiful indeed. Great stuff. Please feel free to look at http://www.joshgoodale.com for the model I made. It was a labor of love as I actually visited the station as a young child when I lived in NYC. It was burned into my memory and became the exercise for learning new software. Really, love your model and look forward to the finished images.

  4. Rob Taylor Says:

    Hi there,

    That is a truly amazingly detailed model, and I can’t believe someone has modelled he whole station! Would it be really cheeky to ask if there was any way of getting hold of the model so I could have a look at how you have modelled it? Apologies if that is a bit rude.

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