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The Cuteness!!!

October 3rd, 2011 | 3 Comments | Posted in pretty pictures, The Boy

He loves his bunny

It’s amazing to me how fast he is learning things.  He’s growing so much and always interested in what’s going on around him.  He has a bouncy chair that he would stay in all day if we let him, he loves bouncing up and down and will give little cries of joy as he kicks off from the ground.

My mom made the mistake of attempting to feed him is sweet potatoes while he was still in the bouncy chair.  Well, he LOVES sweet potatoes and he will bounce when he is excited and happy.  You can guess the results.  I asked her how she was not aware o what would happen.

She told me to shut up.

That’s mom speak for “I love you son”…. or at least that’s what I’m going with in this instance.