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Oh Dear Lord!

November 30th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, WTF

I’m not sure if I should applaud their ability to figure a new way to part fools from their money or be horrified by how far back they just took the gun movement “See! They all think they’re ninjas and zombie killers!!!  We need more gun control to stop these nuts!”

Specialized Tactical Systems AR Zombie Killer

“Safe/Ninja/Jedi Fire Control”… seriously???

H/T to Say Uncle (who gets all the cool stuff first)

Getting so big!

November 22nd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

My son is growing way too fast!

This, so far is one of my favorite shots.  The others are this one and this one

New Tool

November 22nd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Art stuff, It's all about me, Pistol Grips

Got this new tool the other day to aid with my grip making

Digital Calipers.  Now I can get some very precise measurements for those grips that don’t have a simple flat back on them and instead have weird lips and levels – like the ones on my Browning.

At the end of the month I’ll also be picking up a nice tabletop drill press and bandsaw.  I’ll also be ordering the wood-burning (aka – pyrographic)  tools that I need as well as the chip carving tools.

My goal is that by new years I have the website done (I have to learn about online shopping carts and payment methods/costs) and by March I have some product to offer and also be ready to do custom orders as well.

I always thought that when I went to art school I would end up doing animation.  That’s what I focused on and all my classes were for, but now I am finding that all those classes have instead sent me in the direction of custom grips and woodworking.  I now use my computer modeling skills to model out a grip design so I can have a 3D look at it before I attempt to make it because many times what looks good in 2D doesn’t work in 3D.  Of course, many times what looks good in 3D doesn’t work in the real world either.

I am still going to finish my thesis – I have been stalling on it and that is a bad thing, but I am very excited to be working with my hands again.


So the other crap doesn’t count

November 18th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Posted in Jackass, Libtards

The headline reads “Police clashes mar Occupy Wall Street protests

So I guess the rapes, robberies, disease, assaults, public urination/defecation and  public sex did nothing to hurt the image of the “Give me your stuff protest” at all.  Nope, it’s all about the evil ‘Man’.

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, the New York Stock Exchange and the subways to raise their voices against what they say is corporate excess.

But since police in riot helmets, batons and riot shields ousted them from their two-month encampments, Occupy Wall Street protesters singled out officers as another enemy, saying their crowd control tactics were an excessive, chilling use of force against free speech.

Right, because how dare we, the public, demand that actual laws be enforced.  You know, since it’s a privately owned park and all, the smelly hippies should be able to just do whatever they want there and to hell with private property right?  Well, to hell with YOUR property rights that is – they still don’t want anyone else – especially from outside the group – using their stuff.

Tear gas in Oakland, Calif., pepper spray that hit an 84-year-old Seattle woman in the face and hundreds of arrests of demonstrators and journalists at Occupy protests across the U.S. this week shone the spotlight on the varying crowd control tactics of police, most who used helmets and riot gear as they broke up encampments in New York and other cities.

Yeah, and it’s not like she is an activist with a long history of this kind of behavior I guess that the laws shouldn’t be enforced against someone because of their age?

The press is so determined to protect these jackasses that they throw out headlines like this to make it appear that these selfish little twits were out there peacefully holding their signs and expressing their displeasure with the state of the economy instead of what was really going on – a bunch of spoiled brats having a temper tantrum and once we had enough they finally got spanked.

Personally, I think all of them should be given a job – breaking large rocks into small ones and then cleaning up litter on the side of the road for a year while wearing nice shiny leg irons.  They might also finally use a shower too.

Haberfeld and other policing experts said the crowd control was aggressive, but not excessive. But First Amendment experts said that every interaction with demonstrators, particularly when televised nationally, can thwart the goal of protests and discourage others from joining.

“That’s really is terribly inhibiting,” said New York attorney Herald Fahringer. “Because people say, ‘Gee, well, I don’t want to go out there and join the protest if I run the risk of getting hit over the head with a billy club.”

And this is a bad thing how???

The Marriott Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine = Jerks

November 13th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in America the beautiful, Jackass

Has a heck of a lot of FAIL going on.  They fired an employee for wearing an American flag pin.

Late to the party, but what the heck.

Representatives for the Casa Monica Hotel are defending a company policy that prohibits employees from wearing badges and buttons, even American flag pins.

“The American flag greets every guest and employee with its symbolism of our belief in this great country,” according to a statement from the Casa Monica Hotel. “However, our employee handbook clearly states, ‘No other buttons, badges, pins or insignias of any kind are permitted to be worn.’ “

Then maybe, in the interest of not being a bag of steaming crap, you should change the policy to allow your employees to wear an American flag pin.

Jackasses.  Guess I’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn from now on.


H/T –Borepatch

Can You Blame Them?

November 13th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in B Hussein

Personally, I wouldn’t tell that jackass if the sun was shining.

Israel refuses to tell US its Iran intentions

Israel has refused to reassure President Barack Obama that it would warn him in advance of any pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear capabilities, raising fears that it may be planning a go-it-alone attack as early as next summer.

The US leader was rebuffed last month when he demanded private guarantees that no strike would go ahead without White House notification, suggesting Israel no longer plans to “seek Washington’s permission”, sources said. The disclosure, made by insiders briefed on a top-secret meeting between America’s most senior defence chief and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s hawkish prime minister, comes amid concerns that Iran’s continuing progress towards nuclear weapons capability means the Jewish state has all but lost hope for a diplomatic solution.

Because, you know, he’s treated all of our other allies so well I’m certain B. Hussein Obama wouldn’t give Iran a heads up on what he was told, right?  It’s not like he’s sold out our other allies in the past or anything.