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New Tool

November 22nd, 2011 Posted in Art stuff, It's all about me, Pistol Grips

Got this new tool the other day to aid with my grip making

Digital Calipers.  Now I can get some very precise measurements for those grips that don’t have a simple flat back on them and instead have weird lips and levels – like the ones on my Browning.

At the end of the month I’ll also be picking up a nice tabletop drill press and bandsaw.  I’ll also be ordering the wood-burning (aka – pyrographic)  tools that I need as well as the chip carving tools.

My goal is that by new years I have the website done (I have to learn about online shopping carts and payment methods/costs) and by March I have some product to offer and also be ready to do custom orders as well.

I always thought that when I went to art school I would end up doing animation.  That’s what I focused on and all my classes were for, but now I am finding that all those classes have instead sent me in the direction of custom grips and woodworking.  I now use my computer modeling skills to model out a grip design so I can have a 3D look at it before I attempt to make it because many times what looks good in 2D doesn’t work in 3D.  Of course, many times what looks good in 3D doesn’t work in the real world either.

I am still going to finish my thesis – I have been stalling on it and that is a bad thing, but I am very excited to be working with my hands again.


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