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Joan is Right

January 15th, 2012 Posted in Cry FREEDOM!, Libtards, Pass the ammo

She says in her post from yesterday

The truth is that there are too many victims and they know it

She’s right, we do know this., which is why we want to make sure that there are fewer victims by enabling people to defend themselves.  There is no more effective way for any person to protect themselves against any form of violence – guns, knives, fists, bats, chains, broken bottles, pool cues – than to have a firearm.

A small woman like my wife who is 5’1 1/4″ (she’s proud that she is over the 5’1″ mark) can effectively stop an attacker that is 6’4″ and 385 lbs with a firearm.  Mace is not guaranteed to stop an attacker, neither is a tazer, emergency whistle or a candle.

During and after the candlelight vigils  to honor victims of gun violence, the gun rights extremists ramped up their rhetoric. Victims make them nervous. They don’t like victims. They say we are “dancing in the blood of victims” when we light candles and ring bells. What’s that all about anyway?

What its about is that victims don’t make us nervous, they make us sad because we KNOW that many of those victims would not be victims if they had an effective means to defend themselves – a means that YOU and your people would like to deny us under the flag of “common sense gun laws”.

I have yet to see a gun control law that has had any effect on reducing crime or stopping it.  If you look at the facts, the only effect these so called ‘common sense’ gun control laws have had is to increase crime. You can go to Stranger’s site and see for yourself.  Article after article shows when gun control laws were enacted, crime increased.  Period.  Remove the useless restrictions on gun ownership and crime goes down because the only ones who have cared about the laws to begin with weren’t criminals.

In fact, the homicide rate for 2010 has been one of the lowest ever. With more and more states allowing CCW and real common sense gun laws homicide has dropped off the top 15 causes of death in the US.  Higher gun ownership and fewer murders.

Joan, how is it possible if guns are so bad and need to be controlled that homicides have dropped when gun sales are up??  Also, how is it if guns are so bad and gun control so good that the places with the strictest gun control laws also have the highest crime rates??

As my friend Jennifer said, you are making empty gestures with your candles instead of finding actual solutions to the problem.  We have a solution – get a gun and learn how to use it.  In the end the only person that can protect you is YOU, and a candle is no protection at all.

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