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I’m a Gun Blogger

January 17th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo

Not sure when it happened really, I started this as a grad school blog because I was moving to the land with more flakes and nuts than a bowl of Grape Nuts Flakes, but now I am on the Gun Blog Blacklist which I still need to put the banner up for (sorry North).  I’ve gotten a link from SayUncle – OK, that was about cell phones, but still… awesome!

Somewhere along the line I woke up and found my path.  I also have met a lot of really great people like Dirtcrashr who sent me a nice hunk of Koa wood and some P220 grips (yeah they finally got here) because the thought I could use them, Kerry who has been kind enough to answer all my questions about wood and wood working, Borepatch, Six, Breda (the most dangerous librarian in the world) and so many others who I know through their writings and phone calls like Michael and Jennifer

We are winning and I know why.  We have some of the best people in the world on our side.  We will help if you need it, offer encouragement to lift you up and do what we can so all of us can live safe happy lives.

God bless all of you.