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January 22nd, 2012 | 2 Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, Pistol Grips

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Dirtcrashr was very kind sent me a nice large chunk of Koa wood to try out in making grips.  Needless to say, I love the stuff.  It’s dense and hard but with just a few applications of Tung Oil brought out these gorgeous colors.

I also benefited from advice from Kerry at the Smoothing Plane who answered all of my questions and pointed me in the right direction for some tools I can use, terminology and techniques.

Thank you both, gentlemen.

This particular set is unusual in that I only sanded it to 60 grit.  My dad wants a smooth set of grips for his Kimber and when he felt the last practice set that I had finished rough sanding he said the texture was perfect and he didn’t think I should take it any further. He then asked if I could make him a set for his CC pistol and offered to pay me for them.

Dad’s current set of grips has three groves in them (as you can see from the link) and he hates the way they feel.  So, I made this up for him and the only thing left is to see if he wants them oiled like they are or if he want’s them varnished.  Depending on how it goes, the rough sanded version might become part of my design lineup.

Varnishing will protect them better, but I don’t want to make them slick to the hand, so we shall soon see what it will be.  His birthday is Tuesday and these are his present.  Guess he can’t pay me for them after all  😀