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Comment Rules

February 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I got sidetracked over to Joan Peterson’s blog because of Weerd’s recent post and while I was there asking “Baldr Odinson” if he was going to come back under his real name and like his own comment I noticed Joan’s rules for publishing comments.

1. Comments asking for clarification will usually be published if they are about something I omitted or was unclear about.
2. Keep comments on topic and polite.
3. Comments on this blog will not be published if they are rude, offensive in any way, sexist, racist, sexually explicit, misogynistic, using of aggressive, vulgar or threatening language, harassment or generally distasteful.
4. Personal attacks will not be published.
5. Comments attacking organizations with which I am affiliated, other commenters or bloggers or groups of people will not be published or tolerated.
6. Comments that are misleading or not factual may be published but only to correct the facts.
7. Comments intended to harass or ask leading and repeated questions to get a reaction but not to further the discussion will not be published.
8. Opinions are not facts. When I write about facts, I use links to sources to back them up. When I express my opinion, that is what it is. Readers may not agree with my opinions but comments challenging my opinion are not constructive and don’t lead to furthering the discussion. We will not always agree here.
9. No comments under the name of “Anonymous” or “Unknown” will be published.
10. Don’t be a “jerk”. Comments from that perspective won’t be published here.
I love number 8.  She says that you may not agree with her and if you challenge her she won’t publish it.
Also, if she thinks it’s offensive, it won’t be published.  If she thinks it is attacking her group (such as challenging her facts) it won’t be published.
Joan, I have a suggestion for you.  You can shorten the whole list down to one rule and it would be this:
1. Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.
Oh, and I’m sure my comment won’t be published either.

2 Responses to “Comment Rules”

  1. DirtCrashr Says:

    Joan uses words that are bigger than her understanding of them, and plays with them like little Legos, building a wall around her own ideas…

  2. Linoge Says:

    Unfortunately (for her, at least), Joe Huffman is probably accurate in his observation that there is simply something irrecoverably wrong in Joan’s head. Whether that something broke before or after her sister’s murder by a known-violent and known-criminal husband is somewhat immaterial, but that is the event with which her fractured mind has become obsessed.

    So, in other words, DirtCrashr is dead right – she uses words, but has no comprehension of the meanings behind them. As such, communication from / with her is somewhat… pointless.

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