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March 6th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in It's all about me, ramblings

This is a post to give praise to a very good company – 2×4 basics

I needed a worktable to hold my various power tools and began looking around at what I could get.  My brother, master of overkill that he is, pulled out a book of worktable designs that had drawers, hinged lift tables for your tools and wheels so you can roll the whole thing around in case you want to cut something on the tablesaw while watching TV in the living room (or at least that’s what I thought having wheels would be good for).

Anyway, what I ended up finding was 2×4 basics worktable at Amazon.  It comes with the four legs you need, some additional shelf brackets and all the screws. for about $65.00, not too bad.  I added about $85 worth of lumber to the mix (7 – 10′ 2×4 and 2 sheets of 8×4′ plywood ripped to 8×2′).

The legs are made out of a high impact material and the screw holes are set so you do not screw in at a 90 degree angle but instead at a 45 degree, which helps improve the strength of the unit.

As you can see, I used some small c-clamps that I have on hand to hold the frame together while I drilled pilot holes and then screwed it all down.  This  is a one man job if you want, sure with two people it would be easier, but since the wife was taking care of the offspring when I got started (bath and nap time) I went at it alone with much grunting and pounding of chest.

Once the two long sides were together I adding in the short brace arms

The short side screws went in the same way, and with the 45 degree angle, they were rock solid even hanging free like this.

Assembly after this stage went quickly.  I put on the other short side arms and then placed the plywood shelving on the bottom two shelves.  Once that was done I attached the second long side to the rest of the frame and finished screwing it together.  What makes it so easy is  that the legs have small support shelves for the braces so you can just set the brace, clamp it, drill through the pre-drilled holes on the legs and the insert screws.

Honestly the only way it could have been easier is if I had an indentured teenager to do it all for me while I drank a beer, but that’s still a few years off.

With the frame completed all that was left was to place the top shelf on and add power tools.  The top shelf has one component that the other shelves don’t.  With it, you put one last 2×4 in at a diagonal to give additional support. This one just sets into the legs with no screws required.  Once that was place- on went the top and I was essentially done.

Now, I did go outside the instruction sheet ( I won’t say manual because it was a sheet of illustrations without any words) and screwed down every shelf to the 2x4s for additional support, and also to keep the shelf from bowing up an not giving a flat surface.

Total time to put it all together, a little over an hour or so but I was taking my time and in no rush.  I still have one 8×2′ piece of plywood leftover so now I am thinking of cutting it in half an making myself a 4’x2′ two shelf finishing bench.

All in all, if you need a good, solid, basic workbench, I don’t think you can go wrong with this product.  I give it two thumbs up.

Mr Gov. Man – I PAID for this product and no one gave me anything to talk about it.  Now go bother someone else for a while.