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The Agony and the Bullshit of Mike Daisey

March 17th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in crappy art, Jackass, Libtards

Mike Daisey is the worst kind of ‘artist’.  He is a person that will lie, straight faced, and then when caught in it say “Well, I’m an artist and I’m just telling a story”.

A little background for you.  Daisey goes to China and comes back with a harrowing tale of slave like work conditions at Apple factories there.  He goes on “This American Life” and does an op-ed piece for the times telling about children who have been poisoned and crippled by the conditions they are working in.  Problem is, it’s not true.

He never met with any poisoned or crippled workers.  He lied about it all.  Why?  Same reason, I feel, that liberals will always lie about something – they really hope that it is true so if they tell the lie long enough it will become real.

When he was caught in the lie what did he have to say;

“It uses a combination of fact, memoir, and dramatic license to tell its story, and I believe it does so with integrity,” Daisey said in a statement posted on his website.

So, “dramatic license” is it.  In the rest of the reality I live in, if I were to make an accusation about someone that causes them financial harm or damage to their professional reputation I would be accused of slander.  But for this ‘artist’ it is “dramatic license”.  I also like how he uses the word integrity when talking about a lie – we call that chutzpah.

Now, one could try and argue that since this is a one man theater show, he can get away with lying his ass off like Michael Moore to the Occupy Crowd, but here’s the thing, he also did an interview with the AP where he made the same accusations.

Daisey also twisted the truth about his time in China during an interview with The Associated Press late last year. Paul Colford, a spokesman for the news cooperative, said the AP was reviewing its coverage of Daisey to determine what corrections will be necessary.

Daisey is currently performing at The Public Theater in New York, which issued a statement saying it stands by what it called “a powerful work of art.”

“Mike is an artist, not a journalist,” the statement said. “Nevertheless, we wish he had been more precise with us and our audiences about what was and wasn’t his personal experience in the piece.”

Oh, and he also wrote an op-ed piece for the Times too where he made the same accusations. What do they have to say about it?

The Times, which published Daisey’s op-ed piece following Steve Jobs’ death in early October, removed a paragraph from the online version that discussed conditions at Apple’s factory in China. The newspaper posted an editor’s note warning readers that the section had been removed because “questions have been raised about the truth.”

“The rest of the piece is his opinion as a performer and a thinker,” said Eileen Murphy, a Times’ spokeswoman. “If this were a news story it would be a different situation. It’s not. It’s an op-ed.”

So, let’s get it all straight here.

Man does a one man act and lies about a company – it’s artistic license.

Man does an interview and lies during it – well, he’s an artist…

Man does an op-ed piece and lies in it – well he’s a performer and a thinker.

Remember kids, the liberals don’t care if it’s true, just as long as it sounds good.

In this weekend’s “This American Life,” Daisey tells Glass he felt conflicted about presenting things that he knew weren’t true. But he said he felt “trapped” and was afraid people would no longer care about the abuses at the factories if he didn’t present things in a dramatic way.

Oh, so he did it all for the children then? So he made up stories about abuses he never saw to draw attention to abuses he KNEW must exist and did it all because he cared so dang much??  Color me skeptical.