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Screw BofA: Part II

April 30th, 2012 Posted in ramblings, WTF

So I got a call this morning from BofA saying they had noticed suspicious activities on my account and wanted to verify the transactions.

OK, I figure I’ll bite. They didn’t catch it when my account was hacked and someone bought concert tickets in Germany. They also didn’t catch it when my card was used in Georgia (while I was living in California). I had to call them on all of that. So what was it they caught?

My water bill. Yep, a bill that I have been paying for the last year and a half is now suspicious to them and for that they shut my card off and are sending a new one.

II don’t think the rep I spoke with appreciated me saying that their fraud prevention was the banking equivalent of the TSA.

Doesn’t matter, tomorrow the funds will be moved to a credit union

3 Responses to “Screw BofA: Part II”

  1. Ailuromaniac Says:

    And just what will your response be when they send a notification that they require a copy of your death certificate to close the account?

  2. Instinct Says:

    Simple, I will send them a heart in a box with a note that says “Be my valentine”

    I think that would creep them out enough to let me go.

  3. Ailuromaniac Says:

    Wish I’d thought of that.

    I just asked who they expected to pay for the hit…the EX or were they going to foot the bill.

    Got my name off the account and the papers in my hand in under 72 hrs.

    Of course, I also told them I had the request they sent to my EX (hand mom get them and overnight them to me) stored in a safe place where the kids knew to find them if anything untoward happened to me before I was shut of them.

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