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We’re Back!

June 2nd, 2012 Posted in It's all about me, ramblings

Well, honestly we have been back since last Wednesday but since then I have headed back to work, been working on more grips and enjoying being in a place where the temperature and the humidity are NOT the same number.  To those of you living in the south and in Ohio – I still don’t know how you can go outside in the summer!  YECH!

I learned on our visit that even though I am not in the shape I would like to be I apparently still have the ‘Death Aura’ since a person (who shall be called Dick) who had no problem making threats at my Father-in-Law, screaming insults at my Brother-in-Law, and also threatened my Sister-in-Law’s boyfriend – as well as throwing things at him – had no desire to meet me face to face.

I had to go by where Dick lives to drop off my Mother-in-Law (she is staying with him – long f**ing story) and when I got out of the car he was glaring out the window.  When I looked back at him he dropped the blinds and wouldn’t come out like he did with the others. To be fair, my wife said that I had a very evil grin on my face at the time.

Shame really, I was looking forward to him doing something stupid to make me laugh.

In other news, grip progress was recently slowed to a crawl when my bandsaw blade snapped.  I had purchased a new Bosch blade for it and learned that Bosch apparently means “won’t cut shit” because not only did it try to just burn it’s way through the wood rather than actually CUTTING, the blade then snapped at the weld spot.  So, I have three new ones on order from Amazon that got very good reviews. When they get here I have a lot of work to do.

Matthew is walking now.  He started walking while we were in Ohio so the in-laws got to see him take his first real steps. He is very proud of himself for it and is so excited about all the things he can do, so much so that he doesn’t want to go to sleep and is upstairs raising hell from his crib right now.  Kid is stubborn – must get it from his mom – yeah, that’s it.

And finally, I have learned that my Access-Fu has grown weak over the years.  I am having to do much reading and research to get my database up and running the way I need it.

All this and in 32 days the website launches…. gulp.

3 Responses to “We’re Back!”

  1. DirtCrashr Says:

    Good luck with everything! I remember the big old bandsaw at my dad’s school had a built-in spot-welder for fixing broken blades. I used it a lot, until the turning wheel ran out of adjustment – it was one short blade when I broke it for the last time. :-)

  2. Instinct Says:

    Got the new blades and they are amazingly good. Hot-knife-and-butter good!

    Cut my bandsaw time in half and gives a very nice, straight cut – no wandering on the blade at all. Should have bought them a month or two ago!

    Got some new Koa grips made up too for the Ruger and the Browning. Once finished I’ll post them up.

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