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Browning Grips

June 18th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, Pistol Grips, pretty pictures

Now that I have finished making some stock of 1911 grips I have turned my attention back over to my Browning.  With the proper tools, and a little bit of experience under my belt now from setting up a process on the 1911’s, I actually found these were easier than before.

I stopped in at my local big box hardware store and the guy in the tool department was really helpful, after explaining to him that I was making pistol grips and expecting the look of disdain (side effect of California) I found out he made custom rifle stocks and we had a really good conversation about wood, tools and checkering patterns.  In the end he sent me home with this little routerTheir bandsaw blades might be crap, but this router is amazingly good.

So, I dove in and made some patterns, cut some wood, oiled it, burned it and stuck it on my pistol.

Here’s the results.

This set is made of Bubinga.  Love this wood, really hard, burns nicely and look great.  15 days till launch and a lot of work left to do, including finishing the shopping cart for the website.  Only minor stuff on that, but still – must be done!

I promise one day I will find the good camera when I need to take some shots.  I think my wife has it in the baby bag… maybe.



Thanks to Say Uncle for the link.  I will be launching my custom grip site Rimfire Designs on July 4th and will start by having 1911 and Browning grips.  I plan on expanding the selection quickly