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Let’s Load it up With Socialists

September 6th, 2012 Posted in ...Let God sort them out, webstuff

I think the idea of building a starship for interstellar travel is a great idea, and it appears the people who are trying to make it happen agree with me that it should be loaded up with a bunch of hemp loving hippies.

During an interview with Discovery News in May, Jemison expressed her desire to make the 100YSS project a global, “inclusive” endeavor. “‘Inclusive’ brings that sociocultural perspective; it brings a trans-disciplinary perspective. It says it makes a difference who’s on board, aspect-wise, gender-wise, geography-wise, national origin … everyone needs to be involved and we need to pay attention to that,” she said.

Yeah, which means that while “everyone” is involved, we (the USA) will be voted “most likely to be asked to foot the bill” and I would do it too, under the condition that everyone who thinks the government owes them something be required to get on it and be launched off of this planet so the rest of us can get back to our lives and not have to keep supporting their worthless carcases.
Discovery News will also play a key role in the 2012 symposium. I’ll be chairing one of the track sessions called “Becoming An Interstellar Civilization.” This track is rich with speakers who will discuss the cultural, legal, economic, religious, ethical, philosophical and social aspects of sending a community of people into deep space. Other tracks will look into the engineering, technological, practical and biological aspects of such an endeavor.
Once again, social engineering.  They’ll try and design the perfect community and it will look all wonderful and shiny on paper, until actual people get involved, at which point it will all go to shit – as normal.

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  1. Six Says:

    Yep. It’s not an expense it’s an opportunity. As long as we make it big enough….

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