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Dear Reader

September 12th, 2012 Posted in America the beautiful, B Hussein, Libtards

Dear Mr. pResident,

After the events of yesterday where those members of the so-called religion of peace attacked our embassies, killed our personnel and burned our flag and our buildings, I am wondering what you intend to do about this besides apologizing to them for hurting their feelings.

Now, I do know that you disavowed the apology that your Cairo embassy made to the murderous bastards, but that brings me to another question:  Are you so out of control of your people that they make public statements like this without first checking in with you or the state department?  What kind of organization do you have where the top doesn’t know what is going on?  Oh, I’m sorry, foolish question – you didn’t know about Fast and Furious either right, so why would you know about this?

I also guess I shouldn’t expect you to know, or care, about world events since the latest reports show that you regularly skip your morning briefings – you know, the ones that tell you the important situations going on in the world.  But why would you want to know that, it might interfere with your golf game.

To most countries, an attack on their embassy (which is considered US soil) and the murder of our people would be considered an act of war, especially since reports show that the Libyan security team that was supposedly helping our people were actually selling them out.  This is the same government that the US and NATO helped bring into power – how’s that Arab Spring working out for you there, Barry?

How do you plan to handle this?  Anther beer summit won’t do it this time, and I think you’ve used up all the SEAL Team 6 cred that you can.  In fact, I don’t think you are capable of handling this because it requires something that you don’t have – integrity, leadership and a willingness to fight.  Oh, sure, your good at fighting when it involves dirty tricks, backstabbing and throwing people under the bus, but when it involves actual LEADERSHIP,  you’ve always been on the putting green.

No, I think that you – as a President, and a person – are a failure.  You care only about yourself and your comforts.  You know nothing about the economy, the military, or actual Americans who work, live, and have died for this country.  To you, those who have given everything get a form letter signed by autopen.

I’ll be voting for Romney, at least he won’t apologize for us being free.


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