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Hard Drive Blues

October 14th, 2012 Posted in ramblings

So yesterday I get up and had planned on doing up a post or two about a stupid show that is now being shoveled out of the TV studios of “We Hate the Military’ but as I sat down and fired up the monster instead of the familiar Windows chime all I get it a black screen and the words “BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart”.


So, I attempt to recover the drive first – no joy, keeps crapping out.  Even when I did get it ‘recovered’ it would then shut down with the good ol’ blue screen of death so I had to face the facts, my hard drive that got me through college and multiple operating systems was dead.

So, I headed on over to Best Buy simply because they are closest and I didn’t want to spend the whole morning on a Saturday trying to get to a computer store to get a hard drive.  Naturally once I got there I went to the computer section and spent about 15 minutes trying to find where their hard drives were and was helped by no one at all.  Had no less than four employees walk by doing nothing and not one even glanced over to ask if I was finding everything OK, so apparently they have not changed their customer service model since the last time I was there.

I eventually found them, a half a shelf of drives and most of them were for notebooks.  I grabbed a 500Gb drive (the smallest they had) and headed for the exit where there was a person who was now very interested in helping me because I was handing them money and while waiting I overheard a man talking with his wife about a friend of theirs who just spent $10,000 on a 3D TV.  All I could think was the damn thing must be gold plated, make you popcorn and read your mind to cost that much.  I can think of a heck of a lot more things I could do with $10,000 than spend it on a TV.

Eventually I escaped and made my way home through Saturday morning shopping traffic and  got the new drive in it’s place.

It wasn’t that much of a disaster though because the only thing I kept on the old drive was the OS and basic installation files, all the real work and important stuff is kept on different drives, but I still had to go to Best Buy (which is its own form of torture) and then spend a good portion of the day putting everything back on.

So, now almost everything is back the way it should be.  I just have my Adobe software to install and my animation stuff like Maya and Modo.

On the bright side, my OS is nice and clean now.

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