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Another Reason I Choose Home Schooling

October 20th, 2012 Posted in People are Stupid, WTF

A teacher at a middle school managed to sync a topless photo of herself to the classroom iPad and the kids who accidentally saw it get suspended and threatened with expulsion

“It’s not our fault that she had the photo on there,” Troutt said. “We couldn’t do anything not to look at it, if it just popped up when he pressed the button. It was her fault that she had the photo on there. Her iPhone synched to it. She had to have pressed something to make all of her photos synch on there.”

Of course, the school won’t say what they are going to do about the teacher (confidential information, you understand.  Personnel issues, move along please, nothing to see here) but the kids, why how DARE they push a button on an iPad and see something they didn’t expect!

I’m pretty sure, like most boys they probably gawked, giggled, maybe even pointed it out to their friends, but still they aren’t the ones that put it there and to be suspended for being boys… oh, wait, never mind, I forgot – boys aren’t supposed to be boys anymore and as young teenagers they damn well better not be curious about the opposite sex so when a nude photo is sent to them they shouldn’t look at all!

Anderson police said Thursday that investigators determined that the picture was “from the neck down, with partial exposure.”

“Since the material was not pornographic in nature and no other criminal violation could be gleaned from the evidence as presented, the matter was turned over to the school and the police investigation closed,” Detective Joel Sandefur said in a statement.

From the neck down with partial exposure, but not pornographic, and was sent to underage kids but somehow nothing wrong was done.  So why were the boys suspended if there was nothing wrong with the image?

Assistant Superintendent Beth Clark acknowledged that the incident was an accident, and said the district’s technology use policy was followed.

She said the students involved have been suspended and threatened with expulsion.

Clark said action has been taken against the teacher, but would not elaborate. She said the students’ punishment will not be changed.

If parents disagree with it, they can appeal, Clark said.

Sure, they can appeal to the very person that suspended them.  I’ve got a better idea, instead of appealing I would just grab my local lawyer and go that way.  Seem the only thing Mrs. Clark’s type of person understands.

One Response to “Another Reason I Choose Home Schooling”

  1. Evyl Robot Michael Says:

    “instead of appealing I would just grab my local lawyer and go that way”

    +1. There were several situations during our time with local public school that I thought we were going to have to lawyer up. By all means, keep your kid out of brick and mortar if you can.

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