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Racist Haters Beat Up Obama Supporter

October 22nd, 2012 Posted in Cry FREEDOM!

Did I say Obama, I meant Romney, which is why you haven’t heard about it on the news.

Early Friday morning, thugs presumably supporting President Obama beat up the son of Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie outside of his apartment in Whitewater. Kedzie caught the two men removing a Romney sign outside of his apartment around two o’clock in the morning. After telling them to put the signs back, one of the thugs attacked Kedzie and then put him in a choke hold and continued to beat his head.

Of course, Chris Matthews is all over MSNBC or wherever the hell he is spewing his BS from and denouncing this…. yeah, not really.

I am sure though if it was an Obama sign torn down and the son of a State Senator with a D near his name the 24 hour news guys would be all over it from now till election day.

Carry your guns people, they weigh less than regret and cost less than emergency surgery.

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