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November 24th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Winners have been drawn for Operation:Tamalanche and I’ll be contacting the winners ASAP.

Thanks again to everyone who donated. You people are awesome!


November 17th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in cancer sucks

OK everyone, we have less than a week to go and I want to raise some more money!

Thanks to your donations, Tam was able to pay the first of what will be many doctor bills and I’d like to get some more donations to help move her along.  Now, this isn’t like the KTKC event where the participants did some very silly (and sometimes disturbing) things to raise cash, but I would like to remind everyone that you can get a set of grips that look like this if you win!  PLUS there will be TWO winners!

Five bucks gets you a chance!  Donate over at Tam’s blog by clicking her paypal link

Then send the receipt via email to Jennifer at jennifer@injennifershead.com

It’s for a very good cause, the Queen of Snark needs us and you can get a very nice set of totally, one of a kind, custom grips out of it!


PS – yeah, I’m totally using Erin’s term for it.

Abooooout FACE

November 14th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Jackass

Seems that the Wounded Warrior Project has seen the light (or at least felt the heat)

Reflecting the power of a bit of publicity accompanied with spontaneous grassroots activism, a spokesperson for the Wounded Warrior Project expressed regret for “the appearance of a lack of appreciation for the support the [firearms] community has given us based on a confusingly communicated business decision,” the Professional Outdoor Media Association reported this afternoon.

That’s one thing I still don’t get – “Business decision???”  WTFBBQ

Thought you were a charity?  People donate, you use it to help our military guys.  How difficult is that?

Don’t piss off the really large group of 90 million gun owners who have been giving to you constantly, how’s that for a ‘business decision’!

Still not going to support them anymore – I’ll go Soldier Angels instead




November 14th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in cancer sucks

This is all because of YOUR donations. 

Wounded Warrior Project FAIL

November 14th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Jackass, WTF

So, the interwebz is burning up today over the WWP and their major foot-in-mouth moment.

In short, they were invited to go onto Gun Talk Radio and get some exposure for their cause and they turned it down because they don’t want to be associated with guns in any way.  The email exchange is listed out here

If they don’t want my money, that’s absolutely fine.  I know my people, and I know my tribe.  This is the group that puts on kilts once a year, does full body waxing and wears black cat suits and dresses to the range all to raise money for cancer research.

You people need us more than we need you.  We can take care of our own, and do

The Government Can

November 13th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in Cry FREEDOM!, We're from the government...