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The Government Can

November 13th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in Cry FREEDOM!, We're from the government...

Update on the Raffle

November 13th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in cancer sucks

Amazingly enough, all the cats seem to have been herded in the same direction and we have something that resembles organization!!!

While I wasn’t able to be there for the conference call, everything has been ironed out and organized into prize packages and codes.  To steal shamelessly from JayG who is the ringmaster for the prize packages

The prizes are laid out with a package number, a code, the donation needed to be entered in the drawing, and with any other special information contained therein.To participate in this fundraiser, simply make a donation to Tam’s tipjar:

(graphic “borrowed” from Matt G.’s post which started it all)

Forward the e-mail receipt you get to Jennifer at jennifer@injennifershead.com with the code or codes of the packages you want in the subject line.

EXAMPLE: if you want a chance on package number one, donate $25  to Tam and forward the receipt to Jen with ‘NFO’ in the Subject line. If you want to donate and have multiple chances, put all the codes on the subject line – EXAMPLE: you want in on packages 1, 4, and 6 – donate $35, forward the receipt to Jen with ‘NFO / ZERC / AMBO’ in the subject line.”

Do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else in this group if you have any questions about how this works. 


As for what I am putting up, here it is: Two set of grips are up for grabs (pun intended) so there will be two winners.  For every $5 you donate to Tam you get a ticket, use the code GRIPS  I will make you a set of grip for 1911 or Browning – your choice of the woods that I have available, texture, finish and pattern that you would like.

Here are a few of examples of what I can make

So, wood burned, stippled, smooth, rough, name it and I will do it because it is for Tam.