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November 17th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in cancer sucks

OK everyone, we have less than a week to go and I want to raise some more money!

Thanks to your donations, Tam was able to pay the first of what will be many doctor bills and I’d like to get some more donations to help move her along.  Now, this isn’t like the KTKC event where the participants did some very silly (and sometimes disturbing) things to raise cash, but I would like to remind everyone that you can get a set of grips that look like this if you win!  PLUS there will be TWO winners!

Five bucks gets you a chance!  Donate over at Tam’s blog by clicking her paypal link

Then send the receipt via email to Jennifer at jennifer@injennifershead.com

It’s for a very good cause, the Queen of Snark needs us and you can get a very nice set of totally, one of a kind, custom grips out of it!


PS – yeah, I’m totally using Erin’s term for it.