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Weekend Project

December 28th, 2012 | 2 Comments | Posted in The wife and I

So with a new member of the family due in about nine months, my projects list has been accelerated.  I have a table to make, a buffet and now TWO steamer trunks!  Now, I do have nine months to do it all, but even with that, add in the grip making, normal job and it comes out to no weekends for me for a while!

With that acceleration has come new tools such as a new Dewalt 18 volt drill, a Dewalt Planer and a Dewalt Biscuit Jointer.  Yeah, it’s terrible that I had to get them, but I’ll muddle through, I promise.

Anyway, knowing that I have to get started ASAP on it all I went down to my local blue box hardware store and grabbed them, but as I wandered among the tools picking and choosing what would come home with me I remembered that the wife was wanting a coat hanger in the front entry.  I already had some scrap wood at home that was about the right size, all I needed was a drill (which was in the cart – old one is dead at home) and some hangers.

I found some for about $4 a piece, so I grabbed four of them and then finally escaped with some of my wallet intact – not a lot mind you, but some.

Got home and then got to work.  A few simple cuts and a pass on the router followed up by staining and drying overnight and we have this, the perfect quick project that will make your wife very happy indeed.


Photo isn’t great, did it with the phone – really need a new camera, but there it is.


Redid the photo



Best Christmas Present EVER!

December 25th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Posted in Family Stuff, The wife and I


The wife sent this to me yesterday while I was at work.  I spent the rest of the day buzzing like a squirrel on coke.

This will make #2 to the clan.  More minions to do my bidding!

Cheaper Than Dirt Can Bite Me

December 19th, 2012 | 6 Comments | Posted in Fudds

Hey, thanks for the knee jerk reaction.  Didn’t take long to throw that Fudd hat on did it guys?

Not Much to Add

December 15th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

I don’t have much to add to what has already been said about the shooting that happened in Connecticut.  I am sad that so many innocents lost their lives to the evil of one man.

I am angry that adults who could have had a chance to defend themselves were instead victims because of “gun free”  zones, and I am infuriated that there are people who think the way to stop this from happening again is to take away our ability to defend ourselves from monsters.

One person I knew from school posted on Facebook that “America needs gun control now”.  He is from India and admits that he does not understand our history, culture or Constitution but he is perfectly happy to declare that we should be disarmed when facing monsters because “The rest of the world doesn’t need guns.”

I pointed out to him that Great Britain’s gun crime rate doubled when they put their draconian gun laws in place.  The response “We aren’t talking about England.”

When I pointed out the places in the US where restrictive gun laws have been removed crime has gone down the response was “Well, all those guns didn’t help these poor kids!”

The more I pointed out that actually allowing people to defend themselves is the best protection against monsters, the more he insisted that the US needs to be more like other countries that allow their people to be sheep to the slaughter and this led me to only one conclusion.

These people that want restrictive gun laws want them for one of two reasons:

1 – Control.  If you are in charge the best way to make sure that you stay in charge is if your subjects are disarmed.  This one we have all known for quite a while.

2 – They WANT to be victims.  It is easier for these people to just throw up their hands and say “It was out of my control” than to grab hold of the situation and decide that come hell or high water they are going to go down fighting.  By being a victim they can instead just cry and demand that “something” be done without having to do anything themselves.

We really have become two countries.  One country where we rely upon ourselves and neighbors help neighbors and the other country where when it all goes wrong the people stand around waiting for someone to do “something” to make them feel “safe”.

What they don’t realize is that their is no such thing as ‘safe’.  Never was, never will be.  Those who call for more restrictions, more laws, and less freedom all in the name of being safe are really just hoping that they can appease the monster and it will leave them alone – like that crappy M Night Shyamalan movie “The Village” where they tried to build the perfect society free of violence and yet it’s still with them.

Evil can’t be wished away, you might be able to appease it for a time but eventually it will eat you unless you man up and fight it.  It’s too bad that so many people can’t see that no matter how many times it happens.

Oh You Poor Little Baby

December 11th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Jackass, Libtards

James Taylor suffered so much under Bush

“It made me deeply ambivalent about my country that we would choose that, even if we may not have chosen it,” Taylor said.  “But that, that was our, that’s what represented us in the world.  I felt as though after September 11, the diversion, the distraction of the nation’s concern and energy into Iraq was unpardonable.”

“I felt that it was inept, corrupt and opaque,” he said.  “Those were tough years for me.”

You mean as opaque as Fast and Furious, or opaque as the Obamacare bill that “We have to pass to see what’s in it?”

That kind of opaque?

Or do you mean opaque like Obama’s fundraising where they disabled all of the security checks to make sure the donations weren’t coming in from foreign sources??

James, you are an intellectual midget who, once again, thinks that because people listen to your hippy-dippy music that somehow you must be brilliant.

“It was the largest grassroots event that we’ve ever seen in this country and the people involved were such, just fundamentally such good people I felt that it really meant a lot to me to be involved in it,” he said.  “They were smart, too, the people who handled his campaign.”

Right, because voting to give yourself the hard earned cash from someone else is such a good thing. “Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage!”  Remember that, James?

Just shut up and dance, monkey.