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Oh You Poor Little Baby

December 11th, 2012 Posted in Jackass, Libtards

James Taylor suffered so much under Bush

“It made me deeply ambivalent about my country that we would choose that, even if we may not have chosen it,” Taylor said.  “But that, that was our, that’s what represented us in the world.  I felt as though after September 11, the diversion, the distraction of the nation’s concern and energy into Iraq was unpardonable.”

“I felt that it was inept, corrupt and opaque,” he said.  “Those were tough years for me.”

You mean as opaque as Fast and Furious, or opaque as the Obamacare bill that “We have to pass to see what’s in it?”

That kind of opaque?

Or do you mean opaque like Obama’s fundraising where they disabled all of the security checks to make sure the donations weren’t coming in from foreign sources??

James, you are an intellectual midget who, once again, thinks that because people listen to your hippy-dippy music that somehow you must be brilliant.

“It was the largest grassroots event that we’ve ever seen in this country and the people involved were such, just fundamentally such good people I felt that it really meant a lot to me to be involved in it,” he said.  “They were smart, too, the people who handled his campaign.”

Right, because voting to give yourself the hard earned cash from someone else is such a good thing. “Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage!”  Remember that, James?

Just shut up and dance, monkey.

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