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Weekend Project

December 28th, 2012 Posted in The wife and I

So with a new member of the family due in about nine months, my projects list has been accelerated.  I have a table to make, a buffet and now TWO steamer trunks!  Now, I do have nine months to do it all, but even with that, add in the grip making, normal job and it comes out to no weekends for me for a while!

With that acceleration has come new tools such as a new Dewalt 18 volt drill, a Dewalt Planer and a Dewalt Biscuit Jointer.  Yeah, it’s terrible that I had to get them, but I’ll muddle through, I promise.

Anyway, knowing that I have to get started ASAP on it all I went down to my local blue box hardware store and grabbed them, but as I wandered among the tools picking and choosing what would come home with me I remembered that the wife was wanting a coat hanger in the front entry.  I already had some scrap wood at home that was about the right size, all I needed was a drill (which was in the cart – old one is dead at home) and some hangers.

I found some for about $4 a piece, so I grabbed four of them and then finally escaped with some of my wallet intact – not a lot mind you, but some.

Got home and then got to work.  A few simple cuts and a pass on the router followed up by staining and drying overnight and we have this, the perfect quick project that will make your wife very happy indeed.


Photo isn’t great, did it with the phone – really need a new camera, but there it is.


Redid the photo



2 Responses to “Weekend Project”

  1. ZerCool Says:

    Color me jealous. :) I got an entry-level table saw for Christmas (I asked for it) and I’m thinking about a benchtop drill press. A planer would be wonderful – once I have the shop to put it in. 😀

  2. Instinct Says:

    A benchtop drill press is very nice. I have a Skil one that is pretty much perfect for everything I do.

    I’m needing to save for a benchtop planer. The hand one is very nice for cleanup and working on large surfaces, but for planing a board to size the benchtop one is best.

    My shop is the garage – one day I’ll have a real space, but for now…

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