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Making Stuff – Part II

January 22nd, 2013 | 2 Comments | Posted in Making Stuff

So once I got the sides glued up on the new cart, I went on to the front and back section which was pretty easy.

I took the old frame and used the position on the front and back bars to mark on the wood pieces where the tenon spots would go, drilled them out, and then used the router table to clean up the slots.  What I did was set the fence so that the bit was inside the hole I drilled and right on the outside of it.  So when I ran the piece down the bit, it cleaned up all the lines from each of the drill holes and evened it all up.

Once that was done I went on to the front and back rails and glued them up and clamped them rails

I put two support braces in the middle, as you can see.  One would have been sufficient, but since there is a certain amendment that I am partial to I am sure you can see what I did there.

After that was done, I went ahead and began pre-finishing the wood since it is easier while everything is in pieces.


Once the stain had set for a bit, I rubbed it down to take off the excess and let it dry.  Now all four sections are sitting in the garage waiting for a few coats of poly finish and then a good finishing rub with some steel wool and wax to give it a nice satin finish.

More pictures to come.  Should have it finished in a week or so, all depends on how the varnishing looks.