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So, I Was Thinking

January 23rd, 2013 Posted in Libtards, Pass the ammo, ramblings

Which can be very dangerous.

I saw on Jennifer’s site that she was dealing with a Twitter Troll so I decided to go a poke it with a stick.  Yeah, I do that when I am feeling ornery.

Anyway, one of the responses that was sent my way was this


Yep.  Guns. Are. Bad. M’kay.

Couple of things get me here.  One, why does El Douche care about what happens in a country that is not his own? I’ll never figure that out I don’t think.

But the second part is this.  I was watching Castle (Beckett is smokin’ – just saying) and I started thinking of all the ways I could remember people being killed on that show.  Here’s the list I came up with:

  • Guns (yep, we know)
  • Samurai Sword
  • Pillows
  • Spiky Sculpture
  • Rope
  • Swimming Pool
  • Chorine
  • Motor Oil
  • Cyanide
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Decompression Chamber
  • Frying pans
  • Wooden Stake
  • Fists
  • Steak Knife
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Ice Pick
  • Stone Gargoyles
  • Picket Fences

These are just the ones I can think of to!  So, I guess if we are going to ban guns ’cause they’re bad, m’kay, then we should ban all these things too because if they have been used to kill someone then they must be bad too, m’kay.

Just a thought.  What do you need a pillow that fluffy for anyway!  Do it for the children.


8 Responses to “So, I Was Thinking”

  1. Ailuromaniac Says:

    You forgot “dirty bomb”….the actual murder was by another method but I remember them disarming the thing with the obligatory last second remaining.

    That means outlaw nuclear medicine….

  2. Instinct Says:

    You’re right, forgot about that one. 😀

  3. Brian Says:

    Yes, plenty of ways! But Castle is fiction, you know, a fairy-tale, not real, a story, made up, like puppets when you were in kindergarten,imaginary, like Red Dawn,Fox News, etc. 7000 murders using guns is real.

  4. Instinct Says:

    So is the fiction of “Gun Free Zones” and that somehow by making something illegal, criminals won’t do it.

    Also, I love how you try to include Fox News in the fiction category. Just because they aren’t carrying water for Obama doesn’t mean that they aren’t reporting accurate news.

    Please though, tell me how a gun ban is going to stop criminals. It sure hasn’t worked in DC or Chicago which by the end of last year had over 500 murders in one of the strictest gun control cities in the country.

  5. Ailuromaniac Says:

    Well, let’s see where Brian’s reasoning leads us.

    Castle is fiction, you know, a fairy-tale, not real, a story, made up, like puppets when you were in kindergarten,imaginary…

    By this reasoning we must postulate that if fictional murders committed by real weapons are fictional, then real murders must be committed only by fictional weapons. Therefore guns do not exist.

    Problem solved.

  6. Brian Says:

    Problem solved, indeed! ( for the 7000 dead)

  7. Instinct Says:

    Which is your way of saying “I don’t have an intelligent argument so I’ll just spout something.”

  8. Ailuromaniac Says:

    Here are some really scary numbers for the gun control crowd


    15th rank if you add in death by:

    Anyone got a CLUE?

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