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February 1st, 2013 Posted in Furballs, The Boy, The wife and I

He’s not been acting like himself of late, he’s pretty mellow and likes to hang out in the sun, but we noticed last week that it seemed more like he was weak than just resting, so we took him to the vet hoping it was something simple like an infection or something like that.

First prognosis was pancreititis, which in cats is a lot like it is in humans, an inflammation of the pancreas that is very painful and results in loss of appetite and lethargy.  We left him with the vet for two days so they could do some tests, get him re-hydrated and get some meds in him to help.

During those two days he was gone Matthew was inconsolable.  Quigley is his best buddy in the world.  They hang out together all the time, watch TV, sleep, you name it and the two of them will be doing it together.  So, with Quigley gone there was a very upset two year old who wanted his buddy back NOW!

We finally were able to go and get him on Wednesday.  Matthew and the wife went down and went in the vets holding area to bring Quigley home and it was a meeting of best friends.  A very tired and sleepy Matthew gave his best buddy a hug and a kiss, talked to him the whole time Quigley was in the crate on the ride home, and then tried to feed him by hand once they were back.

Well, the vet wanted a follow up today and while I have noticed Quigley isn’t as lethargic as he was before, he is certainly not back to his old self.  The vet drew more blood, I took him home and about an hour later we got a call.  The vet isn’t happy with the progress and wants to see him again on Monday.

She’s afraid that it may actually be lymphoma.  If it is we have no way of paying for treatment and Matthew will lose his very best friend.

Please keep a prayer in mind for my son and his cat.

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