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Making Stuff – Part III

February 28th, 2013 Posted in Making Stuff

Since I can’t sleep because I am hacking up junk (the antibiotics are working – just not fast enough) I may as well be productive and finish the posting about the laundry cart I made for my wife.  I actually finished this weeks ago, but with Quigley and all I didn’t really feel like posting about it.

Last time we checked in I had all the side panels glued up, stained and ready to be given a coat of polyurethane varnish. I decided to go with a polyurethane because it is a very durable coating that isn’t going to wear off very quickly so the piece will be protected for a good long time, and since this is a laundry cart that is being used daily, that is a very good thing.

When I did the varnish, I used a good, fine bristle brush so I was able to put down a good coat without having too much left on the surface to cause drips or pooling.  After letting one side dry for 24 hours, I then flipped them all over and poly coated the other sides.  I gave the cart a total of five coats and in between each coat I ran over it lightly with #400 sandpaper to smooth out the brush strokes.

Once the last coat was dry I gave it a good buffing with some 000 steel wool and furniture wax.  The steel wool, like the sandpaper, allowed me to remove any debris that might have settled into the varnish while it was wet and also remove the brush marks while the wax made sure the steel wool didn’t cut too deep or leave any visible scratches.  The result was a nice warm glow to the wood without looking too shiny.

So, behold the power of this fully operational laundry cart!

laundry cart

The white dots on the top and bottom rails are where I drilled though and then used dowel rods to pin the pieces together, that way the wood can still flex with the changes in weather and the only glued spots are where the dowels are held in place.  I like the contrast so I didn’t bother to stain it.

Wheels and hampers were salvaged from the old cart and work perfectly here, and this frame can hold quite a bit more than the old one could too, so no worries about three full bags and then piling blankets on top too.

So, let’s review – above, new hotness; below, old and busted.  I think I see an improvement over the original.



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  1. Six Says:

    You do good work my friend. That is an absolute work of art.

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