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March 2nd, 2013 Posted in It's all about me

Because I was sick on Sunday and Monday, I took those as my days off instead of my normal Thursday and Friday.  Thankfully though I had already scheduled Saturday off as vacation, so at least I had one day off instead of having to work ten days through.

So, today I had to pack in two days of work into one day.  I began by cutting the sail for some wind chimes I am making.  I have already cut the suspension ring, the clapper and the copper tubes for the chimes so the sail was the final part.  Since I am trying to get them into a local pet store that sells higher end stuff, I decided to do a cutout in the center of the sail of a Golden Retriever.  Once that was cut, I oiled it all up and then used the rest of the morning to clean out the garage and run a bunch of stuff to recycling.

While returning from that I swung by Target and got the boy a new car seat.  He hasn’t outgrown the one he has, but I figured while the money was here we should upgrade him to one that becomes a booster seat later on so we don’t have to worry about it.  Got home, put it together and got it set up in the car – he was very impressed with it and kept playing with the cup holder by putting his sippy cup in it and then taking it out.

Once that was finished I pulled out the pattern that I am trying to make for a set of 226 grips and continued cutting things, re-cutting and then (for one part of it) starting over when you realize you measured wrong.

After that, it was off to the parents to have a visit.  Matthew especially wanted to see the horses – as you can tell


After that, home with a very tired and cranky boy to have dinner and put him to bed.

Still have five days of antibiotics to take, and I’m still hacking up stuff, but I’m feeling more human now.  Think I may take a walk tomorrow.


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