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Us and Them

March 29th, 2013 Posted in ramblings

Was at the mall today getting some new glasses ($300 bucks worth of new glasses) and was passing by one of those stores that caters to the young, hip, emo crowd when I saw a shirt that perfectly illustrated the difference between us and them and so I snapped a picture of it and made this.


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Their side is concerned about themselves, not about you, me or anyone that can’t do something for  THEM.  Because in their world the only thing that matters is them.

In my world I would shed my blood for my tribe, and I know that the people who are part of my tribe would do the same for me.  I know this to be fact.  I was at work one time and tried to call my wife at home and there was no answer.  Since she had told me to call her and was expecting the call I tried the house phone, no answer there either.

Normally this wouldn’t evoke a reaction on my part, but she was pregnant at the time and there were some things going on so it got me a little worried.  Since I couldn’t get out of work I called a friend of mine to see if he could get hold of her for me since my break was over.  He tried for ten minutes to call her, after the first two minutes he grabbed his pistol,  got into his car, and headed to my house breaking quite a few speed laws to get there as quickly as he could.

Now, he didn’t know what he might be walking into, but he did it anyway because he knows I would do the same for him.  That is my tribe, my people.

On the other side we have my brother in laws group.  They one time decided they wanted to go ghost hunting in a active railway freight yard and I was asked to talk to them and let them know how monumentally stupid their idea was.  One of the group was a girl, young and kind of cute, the other six or seven were your average teenage boys who spend too much time playing video games and not really much else.

I did my best to explain to them that the particular rail yard they were thinking of had a very bad history of bodies being found and a very bad element that was in that area.  I finished it with “What would you do if someone came out with a knife or a gun, told you boys to scram and leave the girl?”

One of the boys, without hesitation, said “I’d leave her to her fate I guess.”

Us and them.  Big differences, choose your side carefully.


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