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Rockwell Rocks

April 9th, 2013 Posted in Pistol Grips, work is good

About six months ago or so I purchased a spindle sander, namely the Rockwell Shop Series RK9011 pictured here.  I had never purchased a Rockwell tool before but the price was right and it had the features I was wanting plus I was able to get it at the big box store down the road from my house.


I probably use this sander two to three times a week for shaping curved areas on grips or whatever I am working on at the time and overall I have been very happy with it.  It’s powerful enough to use on very hard woods without it bogging down or being overtaxed and is small enough that it fits into my workspace perfectly.  It even has a build in tool caddy for all the spindles and the wrench too!

Unfortunately though, it decided to die on me.  I was working on a set of revolver grips and had finished shaping the left side grips and was just beginning on the one for the right side when the sander went from it’s normal whirring sound to a grinding noise followed by smoke and the smell of wiring insulation burning.

I contacted the company to see what the warranty would cover and, to be honest, was expecting to be told to take it somewhere to have it looked at after I faxed them a receipt to prove that I actually bought it on the fifth Sunday in a month with a blue moon.  I work customer service for a company and have seen that kind of policy before – more about protecting the bottom line than taking care of the problem. Also, since it was a weekend I had to do it by email so to me that meant it would be days before I heard anything.

I was wrong.

I got a response from Rockwell on Monday simply asking what happened and the model and serial number of my sander, I sent a response and Tuesday my new sander was shipped out to me by FexEx.  It arrived on Saturday and I am back in business.

Like I said, I had never owned a Rockwell tool before, but with customer service like they have, it won’t be the last.

Oh, and I don’t think they are in anyway associated with this Rockwell


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